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If you’re starting to hear crickets chirping around here, you’re not alone. I made it to Arizona on Monday—my husband has training out here for six weeks, so I’m joining him for a few days and then heading to New Mexico—but when we checked into our room on base we discovered there was no phone line or Internet in only our room. No. Internet.

We asked them to fix it or to change rooms, but their response was that they’re full and someone will be out to fix it either this week or next. (Excuse us while we bang our heads on a table.) I’ll be the first to admit that I like going without the Internet. It was great when I was on my honeymoon and even better after my husband came home from his deployment. But my husband is smack dab in the middle of an ONLINE master’s course and I have a job to do that is almost completely based online. We need the ‘net!

Right now we’re using WiFi from the hotel’s lobby. I had big plans to get ahead on my Italian lessons while I was out here, but attempting to speak in another language (i.e. yelling at my computer because I think my pronunciation is right and it says I’m wrong) is a little awkward in public. I’ve also been working out, walking around base a lot, and spending time wandering around the BX and commissary, but it turns out there are a lot of hours to fill in the day! 

Which leads me to the point of this post. I’m a fast reader and in three days I’ve already finished two of the three books I brought with me. I need more books to read, but I’m stuck on what/who to read next. 

I really, really like chick-lit, but I’m willing to branch out…a little. There’s something about chick-lit that just lets me escape and enjoy the story. I’ve also read most of the popular chick-lit authors (Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, Jen Lancaster, Lauren Weisberger, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella {personally not a huge fan of her books}, Nicholas Sparks, etc.), but lately I’ve enjoyed reading more undiscovered authors. I love plugging in the books I’ve read and enjoyed into Amazon and seeing their “Customers who bought this item also bought this” feature.

So tell me, what are you reading right now, what was the last book you really enjoyed and couldn’t put down, or what are some new authors I should check out?  

EDIT: Thank you so much for the recommendations you’ve given so far! I’m adding these to my Amazon wish list so I can check them out before I get them—hopefully I can find some at a used book store around here! Thank you, thank you 🙂 


  1. Read Water for Elephants if you haven't already. It's fantastic. And the movie comes out soon, too! Also, I've just started reading The Hunger Games…it's a little Sci-Fi, but I'm kind of getting sucked into it. Enjoy AZ!

  2. I usually don't comment/update here, but since other people may make the same recommendations, I'll try to post here!

    I did read Water for Elephants and really liked it! (That was the one book i had in mind when I said I have branched out a little from chick lit!)

    Thanks for the other rec!

  3. It's totally not chiklit, but I really loved In the Company of Heroes by Michael Durant… great book about his 11 days as a POW in Somalia. GOOD read!!!

  4. The Hunger Games series is great AND three books, so more for you to read. The books Ive been reading lately arent chick lit. Sorry, Im really no help! If you find a great chick lit book, let me know! =)

  5. I've read a couple of Christian fiction books which are good, the author is Lynn Austin. One is modern day book and one is Civil War, they'r'e both really good.

    I also just read Widow of the South which was good and based on a true story, but was a bit long at times. The author just wrote another book, but I can't remember the name of it.

    If you like to really branch out from that you should read Linda Castillos books. They are set in Amish country around some murders. Both books are really great.

    I also have a Note on my Facebook of the books I've read this year and last year, maybe that could give you some suggestions?

  6. I juts finished overnight socialite by birdie clark. Quick chick fluff read lol..got the reccomendation from New Girl On post! it was great.

    I am on the hunt for some more chick lit myself. So I hope more peeps respond lol.

    Have fun Reading. =)

  7. If you havent burned through Jodi Picoults books they're great "educational" chick lit with a legal bent and lots of twists. Other chick lit authors not on your list Meg Cabot and Laurie Notoro. Laurie's books can be a little crude at times but shes is laugh out lout HILARIOUS. Try Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club first.

    I havent finished it yet but the Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks has been amazing thus far. I also recently enjoy The Room.

    Clearly I read too much!

  8. I'm about to read The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. I love all books by Emily Giffin and Jodi Picoult. Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed was turned into a play script out on May 6th and my favorite Jane Green book is Jemima J. I just started the Hunger Games series – easy read.

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