The Baby Bird That Could

Last month my husband and I noticed a bird made a nest in our canopy netting outside. I tried snapping some photos of the bird nestling in its home, but she kept flying away within seconds of my camera appearing.

But then, a couple weeks later I peeked inside the nest and noticed something inside the nest….

An egg! 
And wait, what’s that? 

Baby birds! There were two of them in there!

But my story doesn’t end there. 

On Friday morning I let my dog outside and at the same time that I opened the door to let her out, this tiny little bird hopped inside and into my breakfast nook. It attempted to fly away, but didn’t get higher than the window ledge. 

In the midst of having a bird inside my house I forgot to close the door, because Bella came back inside and was on a mission to meet this new little friend. Well, she got so excited that she cornered the tiny bird into a corner. And then the bird didn’t move. I was fairly certain Bella literally scared the bird to death. 

I don’t have any pictures of it lifeless in the corner, because I was too busy freaking out about having a dead bird in my house. I couldn’t fathom picking it up. I had a dust pan in one hand and a colander in the other and tried mustering up enough courage to scoop it up. I failed and went on Facebook instead: 

“HELP! There is a baby bird in my house! And I’m pretty sure my dog literally just scared it to death. Oh, husband I could really, really use you right now.”

Luckily, I have amazing friends who offered to come to my rescue. While I was waiting for my friend Emily to come over I heard chirping in the kitchen. 

The bird was alive! 

Once Emily arrived, and after we tracked down the bird again (it started hopping/flying away again), she swept it up with a paper towel and set it free outside. 

And just like that, my friend saved the day, and the little baby bird* made it out of the house alive.

*I actually don’t know if the bird inside my house was the same bird inside the nest. Does anyone know anything about birds? Are they the same? 


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