Play Date by the Pool

I know several of my friends back home have a hard time understanding why I hang out in “Mommy and Me” play groups when I certainly don’t have any children. I can definitely see how it would be strange to someone not in this situation. In fact, nobody told me I would want to have children just to fit into this military lifestyle.

But the thing is, when you’re in a new place and the only women your age all have little ones, you have adapt. I go to these play dates, because that’s where my friends are. At first, I would go just to hang out and get out of the house, but over the past year I’ve fallen in love with their children. It really breaks my heart that we are moving and I won’t get to see these little kids every day.

I wanted to share some photos I took on a pretty typical day here in Georgia. My friend called me over for lunch, and before I knew it, there was a pool party happening in the back yard.

I’m smitten with these girls. Completely smitten. 


  1. oh gosh, I just wrote a post on being sans kids and feeling quite awkward. I too am a military wife living in a military town… :(… no kids sometimes equals little to no close friends. haha. so, you've inspired me! play dates here i come!!!

  2. They are so darn cute. Ahh to be a toddler and wear a swimsuit with no worries of how you look..that has got to be the life! lol

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