Sublime Doughnuts {a review}

As we were chatting with our new friends from BlogHer Food at dinner our last night, I overheard this from the other end of the table: “They have red velvet, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, nutella donuts, and so many other flavors I can’t even remember. You have to check out Sublime Doughnuts before you leave.”

Wait. Hold the phone. There’s a specialty doughnut shop minutes from where we were sitting? Half a second after hearing about this magical place, I turned around to tell Natalie about it. I muttered “specialty doughnuts” and before I could even finish my sentence she agreed that we had to go there. 

I should mention that the next morning we were going to take a nice, healthy trip to Whole Foods before dropping me off at the airport. But the doughnuts won. Doughnuts always win. 

The next morning we picked up our fellow
food friend, Mandy from Home with Mandy, and headed towards Sublime Doughnuts.
We walked in and were almost overwhelmed with choices stacked in the display
case. Almost.

Since we couldn’t decide on just one doughnut, we decided to each picked four different flavors to try. Then out of nowhere Mandy, bless her heart, bought them for us! While she was picking up the tab we picked up for some forks and
started tasting. The three of us made “mmmm” and “yummm” noises with every bite and before we knew it, they were half gone. 

My favorite was the one right smack dab in the middle of the picture: the strawberries in cream. It was the lightest and least sweet out of all the donuts, and now I’m craving another one…I know I’m weird; I like things that aren’t too sweet. I don’t remember which doughnuts Natalie and Mandy liked (I was too consumed with trying all of them), but maybe they’ll tell you in the comments. 

click to enlarge!
So now that I’ve completely enticed you with donuts, I have two questions for you: 
1. Do you spell it doughnuts or donuts? Personally, I like “donuts,” but that’s because I’m lazy.
2. What flavor would you try if you had a chance?


  1. I typically go with "doughnuts" unless I'm talking about "Dunkin' Donuts." As for which the pictured delights I'd attack first ('cause you know I'd be going for a taste of all the rest eventually), I think I'd snag the A-town Mocha. Chocolate coffee doughnut? Yes, please!

  2. I usually type doughnuts too- I think?! I don't think I use the word much, haha. I'm not a big doughnut fan although the red velvet sounds delicious! Glad you had so much fun on your trip, Jess!!!

  3. I like the long form of the word unless I'm using Twitter. And any of those with chocolate (reese's, oreo, s'more?!!) look amazing. I need to find this place next time I'm around Atlanta.

  4. Holy goodness!!

    First of all I spell it donuts. It just looks less serious.

    Second, which wouldn't I try?! They all look so amazing. Reeses, Mocha, Oreo, Nutella, Smores?? I'm just going to go with all of them haha.

  5. Okay, it's obviously a testament to my hermit-ness that I keep reading about places in my OWN town that I've never been to from visitors to the city!! Must. get. out. more. And eat Nutella donuts.

  6. Oh. My god. Ridiculous.

    I spell it donut 😉 And I really, really tried to pick just one that I would try but I couldn't 🙁 I go for alll of them please!

  7. I write donut but the spell check on this comment is telling me it should be spelled doughnut. and I would definitely go for the strawberries and cream one….mmmmmm…..

  8. OMG. I don't typically like doughnuts but I'd LOVE to try the red velvet, oreo, peanut butter, and the A-town MOCHA!!! Wow. Major yummy.

  9. I spell it doughnuts, unless I'm talking about Dunkin Donuts…

    I'd go for the frosted croissant… or the cheese danish. Although strawberry n cream, A-town mocha and the dulce de leche wouldn't be far behind!!

  10. I don't know if I can properly express the jealousy I was feeling as my mom and I were driving to FL after leaving ATL and seeing EVERYONE tweeting pictures of the donuts!!! Greeeennnn withhhh envyyyy.

    That said, I always seem to prefer cake donuts (what do you call the other ones? Regular? Hm.)…so that red velvet one would definitely be calling my name.

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