Wrapping Up The Week

There are so many lovely things I keep finding around the ‘net that I thought I’d start sharing some of the fun sites I’ve stumbled on over the week. I love reading blogs that write recaps like this, so I thought I’d so something similar. I can’t promise this will be a weekly thing, but I’ll post when I remember and have time.

On the Tale of Two Kitchens this week: 

Things I’ve pinned this week that you should know about:

Hope you have a happy weekend! Do you like recaps like this?


  1. OH my bread clips to label cords. That is absolutely Genius. Seriously we have a fire hazard waiting to happen of extension cords/cables and lines under these desks it's crazy. And the day my monitor gave out and had to change it out it took me forever figuring out what i needed to untangling and replace.


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