five for friday

previous fridays

1. You gave me a “super awesome” bite of your food from Cracker Barrel.
2. I don’t know who was more excited to see each other, you or Bella.
3. We’re motivating and hurting together by doing P90X every morning.
4. You put my hair in silly ponytails that make us both laugh.
5. You never put me down or think I’m stupid for asking questions about anything and everything. I appreciate your patience and explanations.

p.s. i love you


  1. I'm gonna try and explain this the way it sounds in my head. It's going to sound weird. I LOVE reading your five for friday posts, LOVE! I love to know that you're loved, and that you have a wonderful man, AND that you express to him how you appreciate him. I love watching you're relationship, it's honest, kind, and happy. Reading these makes ME love the man that Kenny is. Couldn't be happier for you guys- it just keeps getting better!

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