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Things are starting to get busy over here while we start gearing up for our move, so I put on my big girl panties and made some executive decisions about simplifying my life, beginning with my blogs. I realize what I’m about to say may seem like I’m just adding something else to my plate, but I think it’s going to work out just fine and I’m excited. 

I’m closing up shop on my photo blog (did y’all know I even had that up and running?) and I’ll just start sharing my pictures on here—hope you don’t mind! I know it may seem like I have a lot going on blog-wise (I’m a contributing writer for SpouseBuzz, The Tale of Two Kitchens, and soon I’ll start writing for OnLeave Magazine), but I absolutely love typing away every day. This is what I like doing, and I’m excited to share fun things with you (*hint hint* like an upcoming partnership with Better Homes and Gardens)!

So I did the only logical thing I could think of: I started a Facebook Page to keep track of everything. I enjoy sharing my work, but I don’t like bombarding your Twitter feed or posting links on here. I also want to make my personal Facebook profile solely for keeping in touch with close family and friends. 

What I love most about a Facebook Page is the ability to interact more with you. I really like the fast pace of Twitter and love receiving comments on here, but dislike how one-sided it is sometimes. I’ve always wanted a happy medium (not willing to switch to WordPress) and I think this page will achieve that.  

click the image above to take you to the Jessica Lynn Writes FB page

So there you have it, my latest endeavor and a completely shameless plug! Well what are you waiting for? Go like my page, and say hello 🙂

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