P90X: Day One

Yesterday my husband and I started something that I really hope we’re going to stick to for the next three months. It’s a little thing called P90X, maybe you’ve heard of it?

In a perfect world, you finish the program in 90 days, and 90 days from now will be September, which is right around the time we will move to Italy. Also in a perfect world, this program supposedly works.

Being happily married hasn’t made the weight loss easy, and I think we all know it’s going to be pretty damn hard to refuse the pasta, pizza, olive oil, and wine out there, so hopefully this will help a bit.

We’re both extremely motivated to help each other and have a plan to keep us going every day (go to bed early, wake up at the same time every day, get our work-out on, drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat healthy protein-packed and heavily veggie-influenced meals, etc.), so we’re excited.

We took our before photos and measurements, but frankly, I’m not comfortable with posting mine now. I am documenting our daily workout and how I feel after each day, so I may post that weekly. Most people I’ve talked to have seen results in a few weeks, so if that’s the case I may post some pictures in July to help keep us motivated and show our progress.

We did buy a recovery drink (powder thing) from GNC, so I’ve been drinking that after the workouts. I’ve also done some pretty intense workouts before, so I’m all about modifying moves if I can’t so something; I’d much rather be safe than sorry. Anything else we should know? Have you done P90X or another BeachBody program? We’d appreciate any motivating words, tips, or any advice you’d care to share!


  1. Oh I'm so excited you're doing P90X! We just bought the DVDs off Craigslist, and we're going to start it soon, too. My problem is that I'm afraid it's going to be too loud (we live in a second floor apt w/ hardwood floors) but I really do need to get back into shape. And there's been all kinds of gang activity on our lakefront trail, so I'm not too eager to go out there alone at night right now…. anyway, we'll have to keep up with each other on this!

  2. Yey P90X!! I bought it after a guy on my college swim team got ridiculous results but dang, the workouts are so long! I hope you guys to do great with this program, I'll be using you as motivation because my fiance wants to start it up once I move in with him 🙂 (The first time I tried it I only survived a week, but looking back..when I hit that 90th day, I wish I would have stuck with it because the time flew by!)

  3. F did the abs workout for P90X for awhile. I have to admit, watching him was enough to scare me out of it. But I do workout, just my own way instead. It definitely looks intense, though, which makes me think it has to work. Good luck with it! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's added weight since marriage and is trying to lose it. We can always keep each other motivated. 🙂 I'm sure you'll do great!
    I am curious about this post work-out drink, though. Tell me more?

  4. Awesome, Jess!!! I can't wait to see your progress and follow the P90X journey!!! I've never tried it because I think I'd probably burn out but I've heard great things about it! One of my previous coworkers did the Beachbody diet and exercises (it wasn't P90x but similar I guess?) and looked amazing.

  5. I just wanted to say good luck! I have always wanted to try this from the beginning. I tried one of the ab workouts one time because my friend was doing it, I wanted to die… but I also didn't start at day 1 so I'm sure that didn't help.

  6. i think i'd have to loose like 50lbs before I even tried to do this program. But I have been slowly trying to motivate myself to get out and get active and cut back on all the bad stuff. It's been a life long process for me. But I am really stoked to read about how this is working for you. Good luck!

  7. P90X is a good workout but requires some self discipline since you are doing it by yourself, and some of the exercises are pretty serious stuff.
    I have some PT clients who do P90X on top of other workouts, and it seems to be working well for them.

    My only advice is that take it a day by day. Do today's workout without worrying about tomorrow, and just do whatever you can to follow the schedule. If you find yourself traveling or something, so that you can't do the specific workout, go out at least for a short walk/run so that you stick with the routine!

    Good luck!!!!

  8. Woohoo!!!! Good for you!!! I have P90X but haven't done it. I tried the yoga workout once and last about 15 minutes. I plan to do that after I pop this kid out though. I can't wait to read more about your progress!!! And you are more than the numbers baby…you are beautiful and kind and talented. I hope one day you become comfortable enough to post those numbers. Don't hide from them. xoxoxoxoxo

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