P90X: Week One

*My husband and I started P90X last week and we want to make this endeavor as successful as possible. I want to track my/our progress, so I’m attempting to write down how I feel after each workout and will post a weekly update. This may or may not be beneficial to you, but I think it will help us in the long run.*

P90X: Week One


I firmly believe in only doing what your body can handle and making sure
you can do a move properly, so I always try watching how a particular move is done before I attempt it and I don’t push myself too far. Please keep in mind that the following are my own thoughts and opinions; I’m just a girl trying to lose weight and get in better shape.

Day One: Wednesday {Core Synergistics}
I didn’t really know what to expect with this program, so we just jumped right into it. This disc was all about working on your core—from your chest to your hips—as well as everywhere in between. I got a little freaked out with the very first move (Stacked Foot/Staggered Hand Push Ups), but adapted it by doing the pushups on my knees. Actually, that’s how I did the majority of the pushups from this workout. There are SO many different pushups in this set. I think I kept thinking the workout was going to get harder, because I didn’t push myself as I normally would. After the workout was over I actually said that I didn’t think it was that hard. Again, I didn’t fully do the moves, and I didn’t push myself, but we did complete the entire workout. Don’t get me wrong, I was sweating like a crazy person, but next time I’ll try harder and won’t adapt each move as much. no pain no gain right?

Day Two: Thursday {Cardio X}
I started feeling Day One’s workout before I went to bed the night before, and I definitely felt it when I woke up in the morning. I absolutely LOVED this workout. It started with yoga, moved on to some kenpo (think martial arts and lots of kicking), then did some classic cardio moves and finished with core exercises from the day before. It was the perfect amount of cardio for me; I had so much fun with it! My heart rate was up, the sweat was pouring and I did every move with no modifications. Ack, I lied. Towards the end we were supposed to do more Dreya Rolls, but my abs were on fire from the day before. I did them fine the day before (not as awesome as the chick in the video), but today I did one roll and literally couldn’t get up from the floor. Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Seriously. I took a breather (or two or three or four) and got back into the swing of things with the next move. All in all, loved this workout until that night when I had to take a bath to relax my body, because….

Day Three: Friday {Shoulders and Arms; Ab Ripper}
Oh. Dear. God. I went to bed the night before praying I would wake up and not be as sore as I was when I went to sleep, but woke up feeling like my muscles were screaming at me. SCREAMING at me. It hurt to sit down. It hurt to walk. It hurt to laugh. It hurt to sneeze. It hurt to do anything and everything. We started the shoulders and arms video and I was scared of how my body would react. Luckily I was able to do almost every move, but I was more cautious than ever and didn’t push the reps. Here are our stats (for us to monitor week to week):
Me (5 pound weight)/ Kenny (8 pound weight)
Two arm kick back: 10, 12/ 12, 15
Alternating shoulder press: 8/ 14
in/out bicep curls: 20/ 16
Deep swim press: 14, 15/ 15,15
Concentration curls: 15, 13/ 15/14
Chair dip: 5, 10/ 17,13
Upright Row: 10, 8/ 15,12
Static arm curl: 16, 16/ 16,16
Flip Grip Twist Kickback: 4, 6/ 7,12
Seated two angle shoulder fly: 13, 10/ 16, 13
Croutching Cohen Curls: 10, 10/ 15, 15
Lying Down Tricep Extensions 10, 12/ 15,15

Our second video for the day was the Ab Ripper (339 individual reps of various ridiculous crunches). Ha. This one hurt. A lot. My husband rocked the majority of the moves; I know, because I sat there and watched him kick butt. This video is only 15 minutes, but when your ab muscles feel like they’re going to explode, 15 minutes feels like an eternity. I attempted at least one rep of every move, but sometimes didn’t go any further than that one rep. My goal in the next 90 days will be to do do this workout all the way through. Wish me luck.

Day Four: Saturday {Yoga}
My husband is a yoga rock star, which is pretty much all you need to know about this day. I’ve done yoga before and really enjoy the workout, but damn is this one hard! I would attempt several positions, fall over, try again, fall over again, and then quit until then next pose emerged. My husband on the other hand, got into the pose, would stay there, and hold the pose until the end. Yoga rock star. There were positions towards the end that were just outrageous and ridiculous and we kinda stopped trying them just to watch in amazement. Hopefully we can attempt them in the future. Surprisingly, we really weren’t sore at all today. 

Day Five: Sunday {Stretch/Rest}
On the fifth day they rested. And it was good. (We decided we want our rest (“off”) day to be on Sundays, but since we started on a Wednesday we had to tweak our schedule.) Tomorrow we’ll work on legs, back, and arms. 

I know I probably didn’t explain a lot in this post, so if you have questions, ask and I’ll try answering them in my post next week. I may not know the answer, but I’ll try to find out. We’re really devoted to this workout and researching it will be beneficial to both of us!


  1. i have really really been wanting to do p90x but its so expensive…there is this blog glamglory.blogspot.com
    she just finished it about a week or two ago..her results are phenomenal and she gives great recipes tips etc. check her out!!! hope you rock it!

  2. I've always wanted to do p90x. I have to wait until I have my baby, though! How long is each workout? I always wondered that.

  3. This is exciting! Thanks for explaining a little more about it – I've been trying to convince my bf to do it with me but we both work full-time and it seems like a big time commitment – when do you fit it in?

  4. The yoga is just ridiculous. And the Dreya Rolls? OMG, just no. I hate them. Hate them hate them hate them. You guys are kicking butt! Keep it up! 😀

  5. I'm proud of you! I did Ab Ripper once and it was so painful, I've vowed to never do it again. I didn't do every single rep, but I did the majority and it just sucked. I'd much rather just do my ab workouts through TurboJam. So kudos to you for making it your goal to do the entire thing!

  6. Awesome! I plan on working up to doing this workout after I have this baby so I really look forward to your updates. Thanks for sharing! And great job keeping with it through week one!

  7. I need to re-start this. I really enjoyed it when I did. I couldn't do the ab ripper workout either. That is a great goal to be able to do it by the end of the 90 days!

    Dreya Rolls can kiss my butt. I don't do them. I pick another exercise and repeat it during. I just say no. 🙂

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