P90X: Your Quesitons, Answered

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Tomorrow I’m posting a recap from our second week of P90X, Fair warning: it’s long, but it’s more for me/us to compare once we finish the program. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There were a few good questions from the first recap, so I wanted to answer them:

Chantal asked… How long is each workout? 

Each workout varies in length. The shortest, Ab Ripper, (15 minutes) is combined with Shoulders and Arms, and Legs and Back (one hour); Cardio X is 45 minutes; Core Synergistics and Kenpo X are both one hour, and the yoga disc is an hour and a half. A few discs have “bonus” workouts on them, but we’ve been skipping those lately. We’ll try adding them in a week or two, but I think that adds on an additional five minutes or so. Each workout, except for the ab ripper, includes a warmup and cool down, which is great.

Kira said…I’ve been trying to convince my bf to do it with me but we both work full-time and it seems like a big time commitment – when do you fit it in?

We’ve been getting up around 5:30 every morning to work out! My husband likes to be at work by eight, if not earlier, so that gives us enough time to work out, shower, and get lunch and breakfast together. Some people work out in the evenings, but we decided to knock it out in the morning since there’d be a greater chance to make excuses later in the day.

Hopeful91 (from Twitter) asked…how bad does it hurt?? 

The first week hurt A LOT. I was so sore that it literally hurt to do anything and everything…including sleep. But, this week I’ve felt great! I’ve been a little sore, but it’s been that good sore feeling, ya know? It helped that my husband was also sore, so we knew how each other felt. 

Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to become a P90X blog (maybe just on weekends; I just need to talk about it and stay focused so I don’t lose interest and fall off the wagon.


  1. I love P90X! Because we are PCSing again we have been eating horribly, so once we move and get settled in I am going to start that back up. Or insanity, that works really well also!

  2. I love your P90X posts, please continue with them! You're motivating me to get back into it, though I've got to start small and build up to p90X again.

  3. I love that quote! I so needed that today. I just finished my workout not that long ago. And I was sitting here practically in tears thinking omg I can't do this for 30 days. I am only on day 3 of the shred. it's so hard. I just ugh I don't even know. im trying but it's really hard. Anyway thanks for sharing that quote and for talking about your journey with p90x. I hope one day I will have the courage to try that. Anyway good luck to you!

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