Wilton Decorating Basics: Final Class

Friends, I’m hanging my head in shame…

Remember when I took a Wilton Decorating Class last year and showed off the cakes from the first two classes? Well, I just realized I left y’all in suspense and never talked about the final project. I know, I know…I’m terrible at finishing blog series that I start…*cough* I’ll finish the wedding recaps one of these days; I promise *cough*

Finishing something late is better than never, right? I definitely liked the very first cake I made more than this one, but oh well.  I’m actually a little embarrassed with how this turned out, which is probably why it’s taken nine months to share it with you. I’ve learned so much since then and wish I did things a little different.  Anyway, enough blabbing. Here’s the last cake: 

Not only did I make ginormous cakes (seriously, I could have made at least three layers out of one layer), but I didn’t exactly level them properly. (Fail one.)

Heh. I *think* there was a crumb coat under there…somewhere. I was at a complete loss for how to frost the whole cake with two different colors. I’m pretty sure I also ran out of frosting and couldn’t patch up the giant mess, either that or I just gave up. (Fail two). The funniest part about this picture is that I’m pretty sure this was cake’s best side. (Fail three)

See those “flowers” up there? Yeah, they’re sitting on crackers. I thought I had vanilla wafers at home, but it turned out I only had Ritz crackers, and since I was already running late for class I didn’t have time to go buy vanilla wafers. (Fail four) Speaking of flowers, I was supposed to cover the “wafers” (aka crackers) with frosting. Whoops. (Fail five). The rest of the cake, the “dots,” were done very quickly and it shows. I’m not counting that as a fail, though, seeing as how it’s the best part of the cake. Actually, I really liked how the colors came out, so that was at least a success, and I’m pretty sure it tasted good, but don’t quote me on that. 

So there you have it, the final Wilton Decorating Class recap! Even now, almost a year later, I’m really glad I took the class. Honestly, I gave a half-assed attempt with this last cake, and I know I could do better now. Actually, I’m thinking about taking Wilton’s next class before we leave. 

Have you ever made a cake wreck before? Did it at least taste good?


  1. You know what I'm proud of. The fact that you posted this even though you're embarrassed. That changes the WHOLE game. GO JESS! It's not a total loss, really. And I do LOVE the colors. I just told Chris (when she puts her mind on something she does it, and wonderfully). And I mean that. So I say, give it another shot and put that Jessica attitude into it. I don't see no "salt" cookies here!!

  2. The colors on your cake turned out very nicely!

    And I actually made a total cake fail about a week ago. Remember that flag cake on Pinterest? I attempted it with way less cake than I needed. Epic. Fail. But, I used coconut vanilla extract, so it tasted amazing.

  3. Dude, your cake wreck looks better than most cakes I have ever made. This looks really tasty and that's what matters most! (And yes, I would absolutely eat a ritz cracker with an inch of frosting on it. Without hesitation!!)

  4. I think the cake looks great too : ) Much better than anything I could do! Love that you used Ritz crackers, haha.

  5. oddly enough, I signed up for a cake class – in part – because of you and your blog talk. I just finished week 2 and have to bake a cake for next weeks class. I'm somewhat unimpressed with my teacher, but I am learning stuff.

  6. Oh I think it's really cute!!! I think we are definitely our own worst critics. I can see so many flaws in my cakes and other people are always so impressed with them. Oh well. Practice makes progress dearie!

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