P90x: Week Five/Six

*My husband and I started P90X on June 1, and we want to make this endeavor as successful as possible. I’m tracking my/our progress, by writing down how I feel after each workout and will post a weekly update. This may or may not be beneficial to you, but I think it will help us in the long run.*

P90X: Week Five/Six

I firmly believe in only doing what your body can handle and making sure you can do a move properly, so I always try watching how a particular move is done before I attempt it and I don’t push myself too far. Please keep in mind that the following are my own thoughts and opinions; I’m just a girl trying to lose weight and get in better shape.

Day 33: Monday {Legs, back, and abs}
This was the first time we’ve done this work out in two weeks and we definitely felt it. I felt like I was working out in mud—it was a very heavy and thick workout, if that makes any sense. I did just as many reps for everything, but it was just much harder. Taking two weeks off really did its job. We left for Savannah after doing this workout and sitting in the car for three hours definitely made our muscles a little stiff. It’s a good thing we walked around a lot to loosen them up once we got there. 

Day 34: Tuesday {Kenpo}
We didn’t feel like working out in the hotel room, so we did Kenpo when we got home. I typically don’t like working out at night (see below), but today wasn’t horrible.

Day 35: Wednesday {Core Synergistics}
We worked out when my husband got out of work…and I hated it. I’m just sluggish at night and don’t put my full energy into it. I was full from lunch (even though I only had a sandwich) and felt so sick. I hate how hot it is in the early evenings and just feel gross. We need to go to bed earlier so we aren’t so tired in the morning. Burned 270 calories.

Day 36: Thursday {Cardio}
I thought I hurt my knee last night from doing the stupid Dreya Roll (hate that move with a passion), but after warming up it felt much better. Working out in the morning was great—it’s cooler, my stomach is empty, and I have more energy. We’re getting a little tired of cardio, though, probably because it uses moves from the other videos and it feels like we’re constantly doing the same thing. Burned 270 calories.

Day 37: Friday {Chest, shoulders, Triceps, and abs}
Whoa baby, this was one hellova workout today! There were several times when I actually grunted and made noises I thought only boys made. The pushups they do here are just ridiculous, and not even a little bit “normal.” Luckily, I’m doing several of them “real” style (as opposed to on my knees), and I’m keeping track of how many I’m doing and how I’m doing them (knees vs feet, etc). After we did the arms we moves straight to the abs. This was the first time we’ve done abs in awhile, too, so…yeah…I’m absolutely feeling this today.

Day 38: Saturday {rest}
We drove to Orlando, Florida, today, so we decided sitting in a car for 5-6 hours would be our “rest” for the week.

Day 39: Sunday {Yoga rest}

We were supposed to do yoga today, but traveling and being tourists got the best of us. We did A LOT of walking, but zero yoga. This is the first p90x workout we’ve completely missed. Drats.

I’m absolutely not an expert on this in any way, shape, or form, but if you have questions, ask and I’ll try answering them next week. We’re really devoted to this workout and researching it will be beneficial to both of us!


  1. Ok, I did chest, shoulders, triceps for the first time today. Is that amount of pushups normal? Really?

    I'm hoping that I can add in abs during the next 90 days. I just don't have time in the morning before work.

    Thank you for motivating me to do this!

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