P90x: Week Four/Five

*My husband and I started P90X on June 1, and we want to make this endeavor as successful as possible. I’m tracking my/our progress, by writing down how I feel after each workout and will post a weekly update. This may or may not be beneficial to you, but I think it will help us in the long run.*

What are you waiting for?!

P90X: Week Four/Five

I firmly believe in only doing what your body can handle and making sure you can do a move properly, so I always try watching how a particular move is done before I attempt it and I don’t push myself too far. Please keep in mind that the following are my own thoughts and opinions; I’m just a girl trying to lose weight and get in better shape.

Day 26: Monday {cardio x}
UGH. I know I say that every Monday, but today was especially bad. I took a friend to the airport in the morning, so we decided to work out in the evening. There’s a reason why I actually enjoy morning workouts, because by the time the afternoon rolls around I’m tired, I have food sloshing around in my stomach, and I’m simply not in the mood to workout. Every single move was like pulling teeth. I did it, but did it very sloppy and sadly only burned 215 calories (usually it’s in the upper 200s).

Day 27: Tuesday {yoga}
Sleeping in got the better of us, so we did the Netflix 40-minute yoga again. This time it went by a lot faster. We actually missed aspects of P90x, though, because this particular yoga doesn’t show us how much time has elapsed or countdown, which is something we enjoy. Burned 130 calories (should really go back to the p90x yoga)

Day 28: Wednesday {Core Synergistics}
Today was fine, except that I woke up with my stomach growling. I’m out of bananas (I didn’t eat them fast enough, so they’re all in the freezer now), and wasn’t thinking clearly so I had a piece of turkey (protein) instead. BAD decision. I should have searched for the peanut butter, because this turkey was “pepper” flavored and I kept burping it. Note to self: stick to peanut butter or bananas before working out. Other than choosing poorly, today was fine. We’re really doing pretty well on sticking to our reps and working on our form for each move. I know this may be strange, but I really like doing the Lunge Tricep Curl Press. Burned 280 calories. 

Day 29: Thursday {Cardio}
Nothing too exciting for today. We were a little sore from all the lunges yesterday, but pushed through it. I’m scared for tomorrow. We started Week 5 yesterday and tomorrow is the first time we’re doing that particular workout. I’ve heard scary things about it. Burned 280 calories.

Day 30: Friday {Chest, shoulders, Triceps, and abs}
I kept things simple and light since I didn’t know what to expect. Even though I only pushed myself as far as I could go, which wasn’t much, I know I got a great workout in. Even now, an hour later, I can still feel my muscles shaking. There were SO many pushups! Luckily, they were all doable, even if it meant just doing one. I did most of them on my knees, but I pushed myself a bit and did a few on my feet. I love tracking, because I can literally see how I’m improving; I’m already looking forward to next week. Calories burned 230. (I thought about doing Zumba today, but I know my body will feel this later today and tomorrow, so i’m going to let the muscles rest.)

Day 31: Saturday {yoga x}
Just as predicted, I was sore when I woke up. Not as much as before, but definitely noticeable. Yoga gave us a run for our money today. Luckily, my hips weren’t killing me, so I could hold most of the moves for the whole allotted time. There are two moves I can’t do: the shoulder stand and one other (the one where they suggest using a pillow). I have no desire to even attempt them, and I’m totally okay with that. Calories burned: 330

Day 32: Sunday {Stretch/rest}
This rest day is definitely needed. Our muscles are so sore we have that constant shaky (but good) feeling. 

I’m absolutely not an expert on this in any way, shape, or form, but if you have questions, ask and I’ll try answering them next week. We’re really devoted to this workout and researching it will be beneficial to both of us!


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