Pet Peeve

My husband and I have been on the road the past two weekends, which brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves. 

I get extremely frustrated when drivers are apparently oblivious to road signs—that usually start a mile in advance—telling them to merge over because a lane is closed up ahead. To help explain, I have a photo.

Exhibit A:

I completely understand that sometimes road construction sneaks up on you (it’s definitely happened to me before, so I’m in no way exempt), but it irks me to no end when cars just zoom past a loooooong line of other cars and then nudge their way in, sometimes without even a thank you wave. 

I not-so-secretly cheer loudly when cars in the patient lane band together and don’t let the cheaters in. You know you do, too! If you’re starting to think I’m some heartless driver with road rage, don’t worry; I have no problem if a driver makes eye contact with me and politely asks (i.e. waves) to squeeze in. But when it’s just expected? Ha. I don’t think so.

What are some of your driving-related pet peeves? 


  1. Oh. I'm that car that will straddle both lanes so the cars can't just zoom around me (or any of the obviously nicer people ahead of me who just lets them over!). I'm that serious (slightly crazy) about it*. I hear ya girl!

    *I only do this is safe places where its pretty darn obvious that we're merging to become one happy family. Oftentimes not on the highway, and never at deadly speeds!

  2. In Maine, people here seem to have a REAL issue merging with traffic on the highway. It really REALLY bugs me when people insist on taking their sweet time getting themselves up to 65/70 mph. IE: It's zero surprise if someone is driving 45-50mph for 1/4mi or so before deciding to get up to 65.


    Having a foot constantly on the brake probably makes them feel safe, but it's incredibly dangerous, because once the person behind you has figured out that you're only braking every two seconds or constantly braking because you're a two foot driver, they don't really heed the warning that IS a brake light.

  4. Haha! Too many to list here. But here are a few:

    -when people don't use the turning lane
    -when people come to a complete stop before getting on the highway
    -when people cut me off to then go 25 miles per hour in a 50…and there was NO ONE behind me

    Oh, I could go on.

  5. I could probably write a novel outlining all of my driving pet peeves, but I won't do that to you!

    But I am so with you on the one you listed: I am always the person who refuses to let those cheaters in. That is what large, dark sunglasses are for. Don't…make…eye…contact…and…they…can't…get…in…

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