Winner Winner Pasta Dinner!

I had every intention of posting this Friday night, but I was exhausted. I know moving is tough, but I figured by the time the movers got here to do their job, I could just sit back and relax. Here’s the thing, though: moving is emotionally exhausting, and I’m pooped.

The last of the movers are here as I type—whew—so tomorrow I’m going to start posting some videos from this whole process so you guys, my family back home, and anyone new to this whole moving-overseas thing, can see what the process is like. 

I also had every intention of drawing a winner in a fun and clever way, but that didn’t happen either, so I went the easy way out and used 

Congratulations, Ms. (Vodka)Sprinkles! (I highly suggest adding a splash or two of vodka to your sauce and finishing it with some cream—vodka cream sauce is delicious!) Email me your address and I’ll send out your package this week!

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  1. Oh I am so looking forward to the moving videos! Our mover show up in 2 weeks, so I am trying to read everything I can find about the movers process!

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