Five for Friday

Ciao! If you’re following me on Facebook then you know that we are now officially in Italy! I’d love to fill you in on everything, but right now I’m exhausted (so sleepy, in fact, that I just fell asleep during one of my favorite movies). It’s just after 10 pm out here and I realized I completely forgot to post my Five for Friday. This moving overseas business can seriously make you forget what day it is! 

So, dear husband,
1. Thank you for scrounging up something to wrap my ankle at BWI
2. You are a champ for always carrying Bella in and out of her crate during our road trip. Bella says, “thank you,” too!
3. You kissed my glasses so that I could always see your kisses. Too freaking cute. 
4. While we were in Baltimore you bought “emergency” meals for us to eat just in case we needed food along our journey. They came in extremely handy and saved me from going crazy. 
5. I’m happy to have you by my side out here.


  1. Glad you are there, safe and sound. Can hardly wait to hear all about your new adventures! What an experience you, Kenny and Bella are going to have. Love you:)

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