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Hello! This month is busy for me—right now I’m either on a road trip saying bye to friends and family, prepping for our move, or en route to Italy! In the meantime, I’ve set up some scheduled posts with great guest bloggers for you. I hope you enjoy! Ciao ~Jess

Hello!! My name is Andrea and I’m a newlywed Army-wife chronicling this crazy life over at Happy Here. I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Jessica and hope her and her husband have a safe and smooth trip to Italy. 

Moving to a new place is extremely exciting, when I was 18 I could not wait to leave home and head off to college. The same was true this past June when my husband and I got married and I moved to Georgia to be with him. Growing up in Wisconsin, I was excited to be moving to the south and after a few visits to Columbus, the city outside of Fort Benning; I knew I was going to love it.

One thing I wasn’t ready for was how hard it would be to make friends. Before we got married, my husband lived in the barracks and made friends with mostly single guys he lived and worked with. I wanted to work but spent the first two months here without finding a job. The only interaction I had everyday was with my husband and friends online. 

A conversation on my Twitter feed between two blogger friends introduced me to, a website full of groups who get together based on common interests and hobbies. I found and joined a Fort Benning Army Wives Meet Up group and “rsvp’d” for my first event, a coffee chat at a nearby Starbucks. The women I met were extremely nice and since then I have been to many more meet ups, including a game night, frozen yogurt meet up, and more coffee chats.

The meet up events depend on the group but I am so thankful to have finally met some friends in this area. If you are new to a place, or just looking for something to do, Meet Up is a great resource.

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  1. Hello, for the gal that recently moved to the south, there's a web site started by cookbook author, Christy Jordan called She has started a front porch forum on there. The forum is very friendly in that you get to post questions in the different sections and also answer "question of the day". Thre is a recipe section which I find is great for new ideas on what to cook. I am a member on there as well and I live in the north yet enjoy learning about southern cooking.

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