Road Trip Time!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love road trips? I love them, and today I’m starting my first long road trip with my husband. We’re taking the “scenic” route from Georgia down to Florida, driving along the coast, heading into Texas, and eventually making our way to New Mexico. Our plan is to see family, eat lots of delicious food—we’re making it a point to stop for some grub in New Orleans, and enjoy five days of road trippin’. (And before you ask, Bella is not going with us on this particular trip. She is, however most definitely going with us to Italy!)

Five days of hanging out in a car with one other person can get pretty interesting, so besides stocking up on our favorite snacks and making sure we have plenty of water and caffeine to keep us fueled, I’ve come up with a variety of ways to keep us occupied…at least for a few hours.

Road Trip Ideas:

1. Delete numbers from my phone. I don’t know about you, but I’m a phone-number hoarder. I was looking through it the other day and can’t even remember who some of the people are (terrible, I know). I always think about deleting the numbers, but really, who has time to sit down and go through their phone book. I think miles of open road will be the perfect time for that!

2. The License Plate Game. If you know us in real life, then you know we love this game. Our goal is to hopefully see all 50 states (license plates on bases don’t count, by the way)!

3. Play a game with music. My best friend visited me last year and we listened to the radio and had to guess the artist. It’s not that creative, but it made for good conversation and we had some fun with it. I was surprised with some of the bands I didn’t think I knew, but did.

4. Make a playlist. This is a “duh” idea, but necessary. I have several road trip mixes that I’ll bust out for this particular trip. What are some must-listen-to songs that you’d have on your mix?

5. See the “faces” on semi-trucks! My brother pointed this out to me during one of our road trips back in the day. Have you ever looked at semi-trucks as they drive the opposite way on the other side of the road? The front of the truck looks like a face! I’ll have to take pictures if I think about it, but some of them look angry, some look old, and some truck drivers even fancy them up and put mouths on them. (I seriously hope someone knows what I’m talking about here!)
How do you have fun and stay alert on a road trip?! Share your ideas and your favorite road-trip songs below!


  1. I'm almost always the driver, so good playlists keep me alert! If I've gotten to my limit and agreed to let Chris drive, I read. And then a few hours later, I beg him to let me drive again 😉

  2. Are you guys Harry Potter fans? We listened to the first four HP books (narrated by Stephen Frye) on our road trip. Super entertaining and a good way to pass time!! (DM me if you want and I can find a way to send them to you)

  3. What a fun trip! I totally see the faces in trucks but to me, they always look mad/scary/ like they want to eat my car.

    Drive safe!

  4. Definitely get yourself a beignet for me too!!! OH so good 🙂 We made up a game that involves FedEx trucks and those strange Orange semi's on the freeway. We started almost a slug bug type thing, it's a blast!

  5. We download podcasts and we're also big fans of books on CD.

    Have fun on your road trip! I'm a bit jealous, I love trips!

  6. I tried books on CDs during my last road trip, and it's amazing how quickly time flies when you're intently trying to follow the story. So, I recommend it. Also, if I'm the passenger, I love calling people I haven't talked to in awhile. It's a great time to catch up with old friends.

    Have a wonderful road trip! Sounds like fun!


  7. Yeah, it's pretty easy to love those long trips. Of course, you really need to find ways to entertain yourself when you're going to be in that car for a while. Having a pretty big playlist is fun. Music is more or less like the fuel in your car. It helps you drive through all those roads.

  8. Love the license plate game! I may or may not "play" that on a daily basis 😉 And.. as dorky as it is.. the man and I do the punch buggy thing all. the. time. It came about one summer when we were doing road trips almost every weekend, and we realized that there are a LOT of VW bugs in the DC area! It's kinda fun to see who see's em first.. and color accurateness counts! As in, lime green, not just green, and eggshell white, not white or ivory 😉

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