Five for Friday

I’ve noticed a lot of new readers recently (Hello!!), so I wanted to explain Five for Friday in case you’re wondering what the heck this is—it’s not your normal blog post.

Every Friday I write a “Five for Friday” post with special things pertaining to my husband over the course of a week (things he’s done, things we’ve done, inside jokes, things I continue to fall in love with him for, etc.). I really liked the idea when I saw Ali writing hers, so I started mine a few weeks after we got married. They’re one of the least-commented-on posts, but I don’t write them for you or even for me; I write them for my husband. (And yes, he reads every single one!)

1. Sightseeing in Venice without a map? NAILED IT!
2. Double-dream-hand farts!!
3. My iPhone alarm went off randomly and it’s because you set it to say, “Smile, I love you.” 
4. You gave Bella a hug before you left for work earlier this week.
5. WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!! Now we just need to move in and get our stuff!

p.s. i love you


  1. I love reading the Five for Friday posts, I think they are a nice reminder that every relationship is special and unique and to be happy that mine works so good for me!

  2. Yay for a house!! Congrats! I know what a big weight that can be on your shoulders. Can't wait to see what you guys picked!

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