Save the Date: Souperfly Soup Day

Growing up, there are several things I loathed eating, but are now my absolute favorite foods. For example, mushrooms and steak come to mind, and now I would eat those every day if I could. Another meal I hated to eat and wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole was my mom’s stew*. I went through an I-think-meat-is-disgusting-and-therefor-I will-not-eat-anything-with-meat-in-it phase, and unfortunately, my mom’s crock-pot stew with slow-cooked beef, in a seasoned broth, and loaded with tons of veggies, fit that bill. Oh, how I wish I could go back and slap myself, because these days I’ve been craving that stew.

On top of not liking meat when I was younger, I also hated soups (see how the stew and I didn’t get along?). I didn’t see the purpose in eating a bowl of liquid for a meal when you could be eating real food. But, again, if I could go back in time, I’d ask my teenage self to stop being ridiculous, because soup is awesome. 

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One thing we didn’t consider when we moved to Italy was that we’d be living in a “normal” climate again. Let me explain. Growing up in New Mexico, we experienced four, very distinct, seasons and typically, fall emerges around the beginning of October. The temperature drops significantly and everyone busts out their scarves, beanies, and warm-weather garb. But living in Georgia for the past several years completely jaded us, because it’s hot and humid nine out of twelve months. Typically in the fall, when the temperature says it’s going to be in the 60s or 70s, it’s already reached that high temp by mid-morning and it lingers until the sun goes down. In a normal climate, however, it’s chilly all day long and maybe peaks at the high temp for an hour or so.

My husband and I packed poorly for our move and now we’re freezing our little bums off! I have one pair of jeans out here now (that have developed holes in them) a flimsy, lightweight jacket, a few “decorative” scarves, and a lousy hoodie. Long story short, we’re missing our stuff big time!

Maybe it’s because we’ve been living in and out of hotels for more than two months and I desperately miss having my own kitchen, but I’m craving soup. A big ol’ bowl of warm, hearty, soup.

Slow Cooker Potato Soup from The Tale of Two Kitchens

Tomorrow we’re moving into our house (HOORAY!), but we are still waiting for the majority of our stuff to arrive. In the mean time, I want to be prepared for when my slow cooker and big pot arrive, so I can make soup. Soup, stew, chili, bisque, chowder; it’s really all I can think about!

So I’m asking you to save the date for a Souperfly Soup Day on Monday, October 24 (my husband totally came up with the name, by the way)! 

I want you to make your favorite soup—or one you’ve pinned— over the course of this week or over the weekend, write a post about what makes it the bee’s knees, blog about it, and then come back here to link up your recipe next Monday so I can we can all make it!    

*Mom, please make the stew, jot down the directions, and tell me how make it! I need it in my life.


  1. Great idea! I'm not the biggest fan of soup (gasp! I know), but I shall make one for you this week! I've got a broccoli and cheese soup recipe that is supposed to be BA-NANAS!

    And I'm totally feeling you on the "completely packed wrong" front. D and I did the same thing. You would think arriving in Europe in June you'd have warm weather…not so. I packed all my shorts, flip flops, and sundresses and couldn't wear most of them! Had to go buy a hoodie at the BX at Ramstein the first week there! Thankfully I did bring a few pairs of jeans and some cardigans. It was freakishly cold this summer! Could have used some soup then! 🙂

  2. Oh Jessica, your story reminds me of myself and a certain spaghetti recipe from my childhood! Your Grandma knows what I mean!
    Hope you get your stuff soon so you can be warmer and make yourself some stew! I'll send you the recipe. 🙂

  3. Oh I have an awesome soup that I can make 🙂 I'm awful at taking cooking photos though, thanks to the horrific lighting in my kitchen. Guess I'll put my cooking and photography skills to the test 🙂

  4. Will a big crockpot of beans count on your Souperfly Soup Day? I have been "hankerin" for a pot of pinto beans (in fact, the ones I have are called Anasazi Beans) and I have a ham bone in the freezer – so I'm all ready to go. Good luck and looking forward to reading all the recipes you get.


  5. This might sound weird, but I think it's an American in Europe thing. I don't know why but every time I'm anywhere in Europe I absolutely CRAVE soup – most of the time it's minestrone — I don't know why. I almost made home-made Chicken soup this past weekend, maybe I'll do it this weekend. Also – I def. think you should ask your Mom to write down her recipe. I have my Nana's shortbread recipe in her handwriting and I've asked my Mom for her stew recipe too. I think recipes in the handwriting of the loved one that it reminds you of… it's a keepsake.

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