Smile. Today is going to be a good day.

We are moving into our house today and we found out yesterday that ALL of our stuff is here, so it’s being delivered!

The only downside of moving out of our cushy hotel room on base is that from this point on, we won’t have Internet. We have to wait for it to be installed and turned on…and Italians like to take things very, very slow.

But I’m not going to think about sad things right now, because it’s moving day!! I can spend the time I would’ve spent online making this house into our new home!

Ciao 🙂 

(Don’t worry, Souperfly Soup Day is still on—I’ll find me some interwebs to post the link-up, so start cooking your soup!)


  1. Word of advice, if you scheduled it with the place in the BX, scratch that! Go to the store right beside area 1. A lot of people have problems with the BX store. Ex: We went to them, they told us two weeks, two weeks later…they pushed it back, and again, and again. (told us they had no lines (phone) so we could not get it until one was avaliable.) SIX months later, we went to area one, we had it two days later!
    Our case was extreme, I am sure but others do have problems!

  2. I like your smiley cup of coffee – was it a Starbucks? Do they have Starbucks where you are?- If not, I may not be able to visit you in Italy – that's where I get my "fix" every day or so!
    So glad your furniture is in – have fun. xxoo

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