Sunday Snapshots

What good is taking a picture if I just hoard it on my computer? Here are a few I’ve taken over the past week from my iPhone (sorry for the horrible quality—I need to learn how to take better pictures with it, especially in low light!):

If you follow JLW on Facebook you probably already saw this picture, but here’s the story: We got a random phone call to our hotel room one afternoon saying there was a gift for me at the hotel’s front desk. We don’t really know many people here, it’s not anywhere near my birthday, and we haven’t given our hotel room number out to anyone, so we had no idea what this “gift” was. Weird, right? It turns out, the spouse’s group for my husband’s new squadron gave me a bottle of olive oil, a lovely card, and a packet with good info about the surrounding area. So awesome!

We got our first care package today from my mom today 🙂 The contents: the front page of the sports section indicating that my alma mater (NMSU Aggies) kicked my dad’s school (UNM Lobos) in the butt! We have a big rivalry in our state (and family) between the two colleges, so it rocked seeing that when I first opened the box. Also inside: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (YUM), green chile powder, red chile powder, green chile jerky, some of my favorite tea that I can’t find here, and vitamins!

We went to an Irish/Italian/American restaurant for dinner near base one night. I ordered a pizza (I can’t stop eating them here), and my husband ordered the Austrian sausage platter. They tasted like giant hot dogs. Fail. At least the Irish beer and my pizza were good!
Um…does anyone else see the problem with this situation? The light is green, but there’s clearly a STOP sign. Our solution? Keep on driving, but hold onto the wheel really, really tight, and wail, “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek,” as you drive through the intersection.
Dinner last night had a candle with coffee beans surrounding it. I knew my brilliant idea would catch on! (I had coffee beans in the vases for the centerpieces at our wedding…the wedding I need to finish recapping. I have the posts, I just need to publish them. Bad Jessica.)

Tiramisu in a jar. It was delicious, but it reminded me that I really need to make my own again ASAP. Stay tuned for a delicious tiramisu recipe 🙂


  1. I've got a giant jar with a candle and coffee beans in my kitchen! Every time I light it, it reminds me of yummy starbucks and my heart smiles. 🙂 Great minds think alike! Glad you're having so much fun!

  2. So, the reasoning for the stop sign and the light…After a certain time here, the traffic lights all start blinking yellow. In the states on direction blinks yellow and the other red, and the people with the red blinking sign treats it like a stop sign. Well, here in Italy, they are all blinking yellow, they say that the people on the main roads can go through the blinking yellow lights, but the other way (usually they also have stop signs like your picture) have to stop. Pretty scary…I hate driving at night, I think it's really stupid!

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