Thoughts on Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of those holidays I wouldn’t mind skipping right over. It’s okay, but in all honesty? I can do with out it and wish we could just skip right on over to Thanksgiving.

screen shot from the anniversary book I made for my parents

When I was younger, my brother and I would get dressed up and go trick or treating around our neighborhood. Once we made our way back home home, we would dump our bag of goodies on the living room floor and go through our loot.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I don’t really like chocolate before, but “not liking chocolate” also refers to not really liking candy. Yeah…I was the crazy kid who would pick over everything but the fruit snacks, Twizzlers, Reese’s and Starbursts—my brother must have LOVED me during Halloween since he got the rest of my candy! His pile of candy on the floor would instantly double after I got the few pieces I wanted from my stash.

But then I’d go one step further with the crazy, because I’d hide my candy in random places throughout my room. Weird, right? The funny thing is that I wasn’t hiding them from anyone but myself. I’d hide them behind random unread books or in my sock drawer. My reasoning behind my random candy burrowing? Well, I knew I couldn’t eat that much candy at once, so if I hid it, it’d be a nice surprise to enjoy later! 

With all that said, I still have fun getting dressed up for Halloween and when we have kids I’ll definitely dress them in the ridiculously cute and embarrassing outfits, but my seven-year-old self kind of wishes people handed out potato chips instead of Hershey bars, because then I’d be all over this holiday! 

Oh yeah…Miss Bella the Bunny wanted to say hello today: 

So was I really a crazy kid growing up? What was your favorite candy when you’d go trick-or-treating? And do you have any fun plans for tonight?


  1. I love picking out costumes but it's not a favorite holiday for me either. Although when I was little I would DEVOUR everything Reese's!

    And I love the cute "bunny!!!"

  2. Yeah it's always been my least favorite holiday. Even as a kid. I never got the whole "scary is fun" thing. I like it even less now that it's evolved to "All Hookers Eve" – trying to find a costume that wasn't made for a size 2 prostitute is impossible.

  3. I am not a huge fan of halloween also. I love fall and decorating for fall, but but halloween doesn't do much for me. Plus now there's so much left over candy…not so good for the diet 🙂

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