Venice, Italy

What I’m about to say may blow your mind, because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Venice, Italy, is only one hour away from us by train. One hour. People spend thousands of dollars to visit Venice and we can get there round trip (not including food, gelato, or snacks) for 10 Euro total. Venice is a day trip for us! I’m still pretty sore from pinching myself, because I can’t believe this is really happening. 

I don’t have many details to share with you, mostly because we just “winged” the entire day (all of my travel books are still on their way over here, so we didn’t have any maps, guides, or anything), so I’ll share some pictures instead.

It’s just as picturesque as you’ve imagined.

A little Italian grandma. Classic.

A guide book would’ve come in handy here. My husband thinks this is a calendar, but it looks like a clock. Whatever it is, it’s cool!

Lunch was SO good. Like, eyes-rolling-back-into-your-head-with-every-bite good.  
{Muro Venezia Frari, San Polo 2604 B/C, 041.52.453.10}

We were here in October, and almost every street was PACKED!

Say, “cheese”!

It’s so cliche, but I love the simplicity of air drying your clothes out here. Actually, I’m sure I’ll hate it once I have to start doing it myself, but doesn’t it just look awesome? 

I know it’s hard to see, but there’s a man at the top of the left photo hanging out his laundry. Men doing their own laundry = priceless.


This is embarrassing. I was telling my husband that I loved the way she could pull off the sneakers with a dress. I casually tried to take a picture of her (while pretending I was taking a picture of something else). It totally didn’t work. She’s looking right at me. At least she’s smiling 🙂
Before we knew it, we were in Piazza San Marco! It’s much bigger than I remembered it, and I wish I brought a different lens to take photos of everything. When we go back I’d like to actually go into the church and take photos from the second level.
St. Mark’s Basilica—I want to go in there next time.
lots and lots of pigeons
now that’s one fat pigeon!

 We saw two weddings while walking around. I love the brides dress on the left. And check out the groom’s pants on the right. They remind me of a certain Friends episode…

You have to think skinny thoughts in order to get from A to B over here! Some of the alleys are TINY!

We ran into some pretty unique and awesome art. (made out of painted eggs!)

I know Steve Urkel made accordions dorky, but the music they produce seriously make me swoon.

Speaking of swooning, this gelato was unbelievable. Top flavor: tiramisu. Bottom flavor: coconut. Win.  
{La Mela Verde, Castello 4977, 349.19.57.924}

And now, for two of my favorite photos from the day!

‘Till next time… ciao! 
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  1. wow, this post is awesome! I mean it, the laundry pics are beautiful in the colours and composition, the light on the buildings is quite unusual, very pretty and the egg art is so cool! Thanks for the trip to Venice, I'd love to go there!

  2. Love your pictures, Jess! How wonderful that you are so close to such a beautiful city. I'm sure you have so much exploring to do!

  3. Looks so lovely!! I can't wait to go there! I love that almost every big city I want to visit in Europe is so close! D and I just realized we can take day trips to France since it's only 1 hr and 40 min away!! YIPPEE! Looks like you two are already settling in to Italy nicely! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous… I would be there all the time – just for the food. We spent our 5 year anniversary in Italy a few years ago and I can't wait to go back.

  5. (Stopping by from the Paper Mama's Linky)…

    Your photos literally gave me chills. That is amazing that you can go there pretty much whenever you want! The food… the people…the girl in that dress with those sneakers and that scarf…and the fact that she didn't feel self conscious at all about posing for your pic…

    And most of all…

    the clotheslines. Neighborhoods where I live restrict the use of clotheslines. But they are beautiful in your pics. How is other people's dirty laundry so beautiful???

  6. great photos, j! your visit to venice was much drier and sunnier than mine- no one had their laundry out when we were there. 😉

  7. What a great "summary" of Venice.
    Photographing here would be overwhelming.
    You did a great job of showing the city; love the people shots.
    And the laundry.

  8. Thank you so much for letting me experience some of Venice – how wonderful that you can take in a little bit at a time. Particularly loved your second shot and the ones with the clotheslines.

  9. These photos are incredible – we really wanted to do the Rome/Venice trip…but couldn't carve out enough time. Now I really want to go.

  10. Wow! All your pictures are just amazing! Thanks for sharing with those of us who aren't an hour from Venice 🙂 {Found you from Heidi's B&W Wednesday!}

  11. I am so INCREDIBLY jealous. Aviano AFB is one of those places I dream about going; but it's never going to happen considering hubster is in the Marines.

    What a FABULOUS place to be exactly who you are … a writer, photographer and a lover of inexpensive bistros and kitchen gadgets !

  12. These are amazing shots, seriously. But my favorite is the black and white laundry one you linked up. LOVE. Hope to see you link up again!

  13. Ummmm…I'm definitely coming to visit! By the time I can get there, you will have scouted out all the best places to see and delicious food to eat!!!! LOVE your pics…keep 'em coming!

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