five for friday

Dear Kenny,

Before we got married one of our friends said that she thought her husband was her best friend. At the time I thought that was a silly comment and actually giggled to myself. You were my boyfriend, and I couldn’t make the connection of having you be my best friend.

Being a best friend means filling some pretty well-worn-in shoes, shoes that have been walked in by the same people for decades and who are still extremely near and dear to my heart. It means being able to look at me and instantly know what I’m thinking, feeling, needing, or wanting. Being a best friend means going on random, crazy adventures and not knowing the outcome. Being a best friend means so much more than words can ever come close to describing.

But now, five years (six years?) into our relationship, and almost two years of being your wife, I get it. You are, undeniably, my best friend. You are the one I miss the second you’re out eyesight. You are the one I want to tell everything to after something happens. You are the one I need after long day, a hard day, a great day, a fun day, a lazy day, a homesick day. You are the one who can irritate me to no end and then immediately reverse my mood with a simple hug. Your patience and wisdom inspire me. But most importantly, I love you. I adore everything about you and I’m so happy to have you in my life.

Happy birthday. The military sometimes pulls us through the ringer, so I’m extremely grateful we get to spend today together.

I love you,
Your wife, lover, P.I.A, and best friend.

1. You suggested that “one of these days” I make Five for Friday into a vlog. And then you insisted that I don’t have to continue doing this every week….yeah right 🙂
2. You gave me coffee in my snowman mug!
3. You ran back through the rain to give me a kiss and tell me you love me.
4. You saved me the “crust” from the brownies. My favorite!
5. You were born today. And that is freaking awesome. (see above)

p.s. i love you (again)!


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