Sometimes I’m Grumpy

I have to be honest for a minute. As much as I love my husband and adore being his wife, some days are harder than others. Sometimes my hormones can be out of whack and sometimes I’m not the nicest person. Sometimes I’m a cranky, moody, over-emotional, hand-over-the-chips-NOW-and-nobody-will-get-hurt kind of woman.

Yesterday was one if those days. You know the drill: With almost no warning, hot tears quickly spilled over my cheeks; I was annoyed and upset for almost no real reason, and with nobody else around, I took it out on my husband. So when I got home, instead of cleaning the house (a messy house was another reason I was so crabby), I made my husband a peace offering.

Sorry, but I’m not sorry about the language. It’s the truth. Sometimes I’m a bitch. (stole the idea from Pinterest, by the way)

He laughed the second he saw it, scooped me up in his arms for one of those long, comforting hugs, and said he loved me despite the fact that I am, indeed, sometimes a grumpy bitch. All was right in the world again. And then he ate his brownie.

Note to self: pick up more boxed brownie and cake mixes for the future.


  1. I think I could have used that last week!!! Also I agree if the house is messy but I do not have the energy to clean it I get soooo bitchy then anger clean which is very loud!!

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