Making Bread

Making bread from scratch scares me. Actually, any recipe that has yeast as an ingredient freaks me out. There’s something about the yeast being alive (or having to wake it from hibernation) that seems way too difficult to bother with making. Basically it’s something new and foreign, so it seems completely out of my league. 

But last night I made Taco Soup and I really wanted bread to go with it. Sure, I could’ve bundled up and gone to the bakery on the corner, but I was craving my husband’s bread. Back in Georgia he used to make it so many times that he had the recipe memorized. He even started skipping the stand mixer and would make it by hand. I love how crunchy and crispy it is on the outside and soft and fluffy inside, plus when you eat it straight from the oven it’s still nice and warm. Yum.

recipe from The Tale of Two Kitchens

I knew that by the time he came home from work it would be too late for him to make the bread, so I got a wild hair and decided to make it myself. Since I’m still not too keen on plugging in our stand mixer out here (plus it’s heavy and I really didn’t feel like lifting it), I also decided to make it with my own two hands.

Not only is his recipe* ridiculously simple, but it was the perfect way to step out of my baking comfort zone. I loved that I didn’t have to do anything fancy schmancy to the yeast (just toss it in the bowl with the other ingredients), but the best part is that it was ready in less than an hour. It also tasted fantastic, or at least I think it tasted great, but maybe I just enjoyed my labor of love 🙂  

What are you hesitant to make in the kitchen?  

*click the photo for the French Bread recipe


  1. I am making Taco Soup for Christmas Eve!! and I might just make bread too!!
    I think your bread turned out great! I usually just use our bread machine, but I might try it by hand!!

  2. mmm looks sooooo good! I, too, am afraid of yeast…and bread making! Seems like so much to deal with (and so much that could go wrong). Might have to try this though. Where did you find your loaf pan. Looks perfect for baguettes!

  3. The secret to yeast is (I started making bread from scratch when I was 11, so I have made enough mistakes to learn what to do/not to do) 🙂 not getting the water too hot. (kills the yeast and your bread won't rise) Also, getting the water too cold will not activate the yeast, and your bread won't rise. 🙂 Sounds complicated, but it really is simple. Start with the water a little too hot to hold your hand under and lower the temp little by little until you can just stand to keep your hand under the running water. Voila! Perfect temp! By the way, your bread looks yummy!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! A husband who makes bread with his own two hands?? Seriously, though, that bread looks amazing, I may just have to try it myself!

  5. OMG I am the SAME WAY. I'm irrationally terrified of yeast. One day I'll (wo)man up, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

    The bread you made *does* look delicious, though!

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