Together at Last: Party Details

This post is part of my wedding recap series. I will finish this by our next anniversary. I will. Missed something and want to catch up? Click here for links to past “Together at Last” posts. 
While we were off taking pictures, the party was already getting started in our reception hall. Since the room was just a few steps away from the chapel, we hosted a cocktail hour with drinks (margaritas, beer, and wine), mini chicken quesadillas, red pepper and cream cheese phylo triangles, chicken salad on cucumber round, and cheese kabobs, to tide people over while they waited for us. Here are a few pictures of the setup.

Super easy and cheap DIY decor: spray painted letters from Hobby Lobby

Our guest book in action! 

We bought a mailbox for our “card box” and on the side I got stickers to spell out: The Newlyweds (it really had our last name) est. 2010. 
Before the wedding I sent an invite to Micky and Minny and one to the White House. Disney sent this back a few weeks before the wedding and we got a signed letter from President and Mrs. Obama after we tied the knot!

My aunt made her famous biscochitos. (They weren’t really this dark in person…)
I loved our centerpieces: square vases filled with coffee beans and topped with light pink carnations.
(My husband’s cousin took this pictures and I like how it shows the tablescape) Pictured here are also our wedding favors (the number one most-read post on this blog, actually) I only wish we got a better photo.

half of a sweetheart table at the top (bottom?) of the dance floor. I loved seeing all of our guests from where we sat.

A sneak peek at our dessert table 🙂

I wish I had more detail pictures to show you. Actually, I mostly wish I could show you the food. It was outstanding and 95% of the reason for why we picked our venue.

Some people may say buffets are tacky for weddings, but I say bah-humbug to them! This New Mexican buffet was so freaking delicious that I’m pretty positive I licked my plate clean—I was a classy bride. Our wedding coordinator was so on top of things, and knew how much we loved the food, so she saved us two plates and sent them up to our room so we could eat it later. There’s nothing like chowing down on delicious leftovers in your wedding dress 🙂 I’m telling you, it rocked.

The buffet came complete with all of our favorites: fresh fruit, mixed southwest salad, salsa, guacamole, tri-colored tortilla chips, green chile chicken enchiladas red chile cheese enchiladas, boracho beans, Spanish rice, calabacitas (recipe coming soon), jalapeno corn bread muffins, tortillas, and a red chile rubbed beef. I’m practically drooling just thinking about it again.

Up next…Party Time! 

*unless otherwise noted, photos are courtesy of Kim Jackson Photography


  1. Our venue coordinator saved some food (and cake!) for us in take-out boxes. Such a nice touch. We had a buffet also, and I don't think they're tacky at all!

  2. Some people will say ANYTHING is tacky at a wedding, but whatever. I think a buffet is brilliant, and yours sounds delicious.

  3. Ryan and I both wanted a buffet! I really prefer buffets as a guest to be honest but my parents vetoed that idea. LOVE the mailbox too- ah so cute!!!

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