A Brand New Year!

On New Year’s Day we took advantage of our hotel’s free breakfast (they had a nice spread of pastries, meat, cheese, yogurt, fruit, juice, and coffee). Truth be told, after I filled up on caffeine, I slipped an extra muffin in my purse for a snack later in the day—hey, we paid good money to get that free breakfast, so I milked it for all it was worth! When it was time to check out we decided to wander a bit before hopping on the train. 

Take a tip from me: if you don’t have time to “wander” the streets of Venice, then just go directly to your destination as soon as possible and then linger around that area. Even with a map, it can take you twice as long to get somewhere because of the way the city is laid out. One wrong turn and you’ll end up completely turned around. I’m pretty good with directions and I can hardly tell up from down when I’m walking around those crazy streets! 

I say this because we missed our first train back home. It wasn’t a big deal since trains run pretty often and it’s only an hour back for us, but for travelers on a somewhat-tight schedule it could be an issue. 

Anyway, our one wrong turn led us all over the place! We crossed different bridges, meandered through tiny alleys, and marveled at the sights! 

Never, in all my life, could I have imagined spending New Year’s Day walking, hand-in-hand, with my husband through the streets of Venice. Twenty-one-year-old me would’ve peed her pants if I told her that!  

I hope your new year is off to a great start. Exciting adventures await us over here, and I can’t wait to share them all with you, one blog at a time!


  1. We've had it a few times while we were in Venice that we decided we'd had enough and wanted to head home, only to discover we had about 15 mins to get from the square to the train station. That's always interesting. We've made more than one mad dash through the alleys of Venice trying to catch the train, sometimes even carrying Abbie. Great fun. Not. Oh, and my favorite part of Venice so far is if you go to the square, to the waterfront and then take a left and walk all the way down along the waterfront until you come to a main "road" and then take that to the end of that too. It's the more "rural" part of Venice and I love it!

  2. haha venice its so hard to find anything there. When we got there we decided to head directly to our hotel…we arrived at where it said it was and we couldnt believe it it was so nasty and gross and there was grafittit everywhere so we thought we were in the wrong area. which lead us to wander for another hour till we realized that was the hotel. the inside was gorgeous though. Its a expereince gelato on every corner…cant hate on that right?

  3. One of E's favorite things in Venice was navigating the streets. He was SO good at figuring out where we were when we needed to know, but mostly we just did a lot of wonderful wandering. Isn't it just a pinch-me moment? So dreamy.

  4. Seriously, that New Year's Day stroll sounds so romantic…so glad you had that experience! Now…sign me up for a trip! 😉

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