Together at Last: It’s Time to Party!

{This post is part of my wedding recap series. I will finish this by our next anniversary. I will. Missed something and want to catch up? Click here for links to past “Together at Last” posts.}

A new song hit the airwaves a few weeks before our wedding and the second I heard it I knew I wanted to blast it loud as we entered into our reception. (click below to play) 

YouTube video

When the nerves and stress from wedding planning would start eating at me, I would listen to this song and envision the night of my wedding. The lyrics declare “that tonight’s gonna be a good night,” so I held on to that notion and let the excitement build through me. I loved thinking about the reception, because it meant we would be married by then! So yeah, it was going to be a very good night! 

My brother, our fantastic DJ, worked his charm and did what he does best: he got all of our guests up on their feet, got them groovin’ to the music, and announced our bridal party.

While my husband and I waited outside—we were last to go in—we could feel the energy from inside the room growing. Everyone was clapping and cheering; I was so excited I would’ve jumped out of my wedding dress if it wasn’t practically tied to my body

But then, as he announced the newlyweds, something happened.

The music my brother was playing stopped and new melodies started flowing from behind us. (scroll up to stop the first video, then come back here and press play below!) 

YouTube video

You guys, I have a little surprise for you. Do you remember waaaaaay back when, I wrote a blog about “la marcha“? It’s a traditional dance and very popular at weddings in New Mexico. Well, my dad arranged a surprise for the guests at our wedding. Only a few people were in on it, which is a a pretty big deal when you know how much my dad loves to share any tiny bit of information with the rest of his family. My dad hired real mariachis (from Mariachi Nuevo Sonido) to perform at our reception! (the music playing is not from the group we hired)

It. Was. Fantastic! Before we even had a chance to sit down, we started dancing around to la marcha. Seeing so many people having fun in one place was unbelievably exciting!

Luckily, the fun didn’t stop there. We kept the party going for several more hours. The mariachis stuck around and played during dinner and then it was time for dessert!

I’m thisclose to finishing these recaps. I thought about stopping a few posts back, but I’ve dragged them out this far, so I may as well finish. Besides, there are only a few more posts to go. At this rate I’ll finish by our second anniversary next month. (I literally just rolled my eyes at the fact that it’s taken me this long.)

up next…We Eat Cake!   
photos courtesy of Kim Jackson Photography


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