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All About Visiting Nove, Italy

If you’re looking for a truly awesome shopping experience during your trip to Italia, get yourself over to Nove, Italy.

And a word of warning right up front: I highly suggest driving and have plenty of room in your car for all the treasures you’re going to bring back with you.

Also, please forgive the photos in this post. The original version was published in February 2012, and photography wasn’t as important to me back then. I’m hoping I’ll be able to update the pictures soon.

About Nove, Italy

The town of Nove (pronounced no-vay) is a magical place known for creating handcrafted ceramics…but not just any ceramics: luxury and designer stuff that people pay lots and lots of money for. But in Nove you’ll buy it for pennies.

You’ll find top-notch brands like Tiffany (yes, the Tiffany with the little blue box), Lenox, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and tons of other well-known brands. When you see the “made in Italy” stamp on the bottom of a ceramic piece, there’s a decent chance it was made in this little tiny town in Italy.

So why do you want to go there? Basically, the warehouses in Nove is like Italy’s version of a giant outlet where you’ll be overwhelmed n the best way possible—so many gorgeous and freaking cheap things to buy!

Where is Nove, Italy

Nove a tiny town located at the base of the Dolomites right in the middle (and north) of Venice and Verona. It’s about an hour and a half from Aviano Air Base and an hour from Caserma Ederle, the U.S. Army Base in Vicenza.

We’d go on day trips to Nove from Aviano with the sole purpose of getting ceramics, but we also visited in conjunction with a trip to Verona with a stop at our favorite olive oil place, Bonamini, too.

How to Get There

As I mentioned before, I highly recommend you get there by car, but you can technically take the train, too. Hop on the train to the Bassano del Grappa stop, and then change over to a bus that will take you to Nove. But, make sure you bring something to carry your loot back with you!

What it’s Like Shopping in Nove

In the photo above you can see about half the store, and it goes allllllllll the way back, too.

(Written mostly in 2012)

Last week I went to Nove with some friends, making our way to several shops. Each place had similar products, but they were all unique enough to stand on their own.

I was blown away and overwhelmed with all I saw, while I wanted to buy just about everything that caught my eye, I played it cool this time and only walked away with four pieces. Knowing I can go back again was the only thing keeping me from going absolutely crazy in some of those stores.

My husband and I love caprese, so I snatched this the second I saw it. The little tomatoes are literally popping out on the corners and look like they’re about to burst with flavor. I also loved the little pieces of basil, the puffs of mozzarella, the handwritten “caprese” in the center, and the fun curve on the platter.

At this particular shop we saw some workers dabbling in their paint as they decorated more dishes—talk about uniquely handmade! This particular platter was only €5. When he told me the price I almost asked if I heard him correctly.

I’m completely head over heels in love with the other piece I bought. It’s feminine, chic and absolutely beautiful. I also got a gorgeous three-tiered stand in the same color and design. The company where you can find these (not in Nove) is called Vietri, and I bought them for a fraction of what they really cost.

I had the option of buying this in several different colors (teal, mocha, and white, just to name a few), but I was drawn to this shade of pink. It’s technically an antipasti dish, but I’m using it as a catch-all plate for our entry way area. It’s just gorgeous and I’d love to have it in our home.

Oh, and the very best part? This was only €12 (around $16).

*This color was available back in 2012 and I hope they still have it, because I need more Incanto Lace is the design seen here

I have other things from Nove, including an entire set of fall ceramics that I pull out every Thanksgiving. It fills me with joy every time I see them. We also have a couple mosaic trivets, vases, piggy banks, and bowls.

And of course, you can’t leave Nove without picking up a classic chicken pitcher!

We have a small collection, but I certainly wish we had more…there’s nothing quite like it, and you truly can’t beat the price.

Tips for Your Trip to Nove, Italy

  • Bring cash, and unless you’re sure you’re going to return and/or you have a strict budget, bring more than you think you’ll need. Things are discounted, but you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll want to buy. Places do take credit cards, but you’ll often get a discount if you pay with cash.
  • If a shop says they’re open but it looks deserted, pull on your brave pants and just walk in. Half the time we were the only ones shopping and I totally would’ve skipped a place because it “looked closed” only to discover it was open all along.
  • Keep in mind that most—if not all—shops will be closed on Sundays, and they will be closed during the day for riposo.

Our Favorite Places to Shop in Nove, Italy

Please double check and make sure these places are still open before you visit. Shops in Italy often closes for a few hours in the afternoon, so keep that in mind, too.

La Ceramica V.B.C.
Via Molini, 45, 36055 Nove VI, Italy

Nove Ceramiche
Via Martini, 30, 36055 Nove VI, Italy
(Their FB page recently says their moving; if you have updated info, please let me know)

Bonato Ceramiche
Via Pezzi, 24, 36055 Nove VI, Italy

Ceramiche Edelweiss
Via Rizzi, 24, 36055 Nove VI, Italy

Ceramiche Elios
Str. Rivarotta, 18, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy

If you know of any others or have a favorite place not mentioned, please tell me; I’m happy to update the list.

Have you been to Nove, Italy, before? Tell me about your shopping experience and all the awesome things you bought!


  1. Love the dishes, they have so much character to them. Looks like you had a wonderful time. It's always so much fun to explore new places.

  2. I <3 Nove! Never get tired of going to that place, although I am running out of room in my cupboards to store everything. 🙂 Glad you found a set you like!

  3. I have that Caprese plate! I haven't been to Nove in months, and I am dying to go again! I see what looks like pink dishes in one of your pics, I think I may need to plan a trip out there soon….. 🙂

  4. LOVE the pink dish!! I don't think I would have been able to hold back in that store, whether I lived close or not! I'm a sucker for cute things that aren't expensive. =)

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