Postcard Swap Pairs

I’m so excited for everyone who signed up for the Postcard Swap! You should have received an email from me on Sunday, but in case you’re curious where all the postcards are going and coming from, here’s a quick list:

Jessica Lynn (Italy) with Kate (Cambodia)
Jes (Japan) with MrsMcDancer (Michigan)
Casey (Germany) with Sierra (New Mexico)
Erica (Hawaii) with Catherine (North Carolina)
Kendra (Germany) with Lou (Colorado)
Kaylee (North Carolina) with Meg (Wyoming)
Briana (Maryland) with Sarah (Washington)
Kari (Kansas) with Lauren (North Carolina)
Sarah (Georgia) with Tessa (Italy)
Cailin (Canada) with Cece (Georgia) 
Allison (Italy) with Ashley (Texas) 
Elizabeth (Pennsylvania) with Sarah (Hawaii)
Hannah (Florida) with Rebekah (California) 
Jessica (Pennsylvania) with Jusika (SoCo) 
Alison (Alabama) with Sarah Lynn (Pennsylvania)
Kira (California) with Amanda (Missouri)
Jennifer (Arizona) with Nina (Alaska)    
Kati (Ohio) with Jessica (North Carolina)  

I loved checking out everyone’s blogs, so hopefully you’ll find a new blog or two as well!  
Get those postcards out soon and come back here in March to link-up your post!


  1. I'm so excited! I told Sarah she hit the postcard jackpot because that's all my husband and I buy as souvenirs when we travel. I've sent her two already! 😉 Great idea, Jess! xx

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