Two Years

Guess who got sick again….this girl. I’m really bummed my immune system is shot, because I’ve had a healthy streak going on for awhile. I’ve been guzzling hot(ish) tea, sucking on cough drops, eating spoonfuls of green chile, and popping Sudafed like it’s going out of style. (Don’t worry, I’m taking it only as directed.) Hopefully I can kick this thing ASAP.

Anyway, can you believe I spent two years dragging out my wedding recap and then our second anniversary came and went with a single peep from me? One of the cool things about our anniversary is that it sometimes lands on Presidents Day, which means that—if my husband isn’t off playing in the “sandbox”—he gets that day off! 

We were originally taking advantage of the three day weekend by going on a trip to Tuscany, but we ended up cancelling the trip, because my husband had a paper to write for school. It’s kinda funny, because we cancelled it just a few hours before we found out the crappy news about our stay here. We rescheduled the getaway for next month. 

We also kind of procrastinated with getting each other anniversary presents. Whoops. I’m just happy we both forgot. Luckily, something fun came from forgetting. My friend Jen and her husband gave me the idea. On their anniversary they go to Target (oh, how I miss you, Target), set a time and monetary limit, and then shop for spontaneous gifts!

So we did just that! There’s a store that’s similar to Walmart (but with an AWESOME cheese section) about a half hour away. So with our eyes on the prize we had thirty minutes, €20, and an entire store as our playground!  

My husband’s gifts to me:
(1) Bellinis. Oh my those little drinks are so good! It’s sparkling wine, peach juice, and a dash of raspberry. Love. (2) Ferrero three-pack. I loooove Ferrero Rocher, and those little pocket coffees in the middle pack a big punch! The ones on the right are a cherry candy that I haven’t tried yet. (3) A mini food processor!! I’m itching to make my salsa and pesto, but really didn’t want to buy a new 220v processor, so this is perfect! (4) Nutella to go with little dipping cookies. YUM!!! Total: €20.01
My gifts to him: 
(1) Chocolate croissants. We keep seeing these packages of croissants and he always says he wants them, but never buys them, so I got it for him! (2) Vermouth. My husband’s favorite drink is a Manhattan, so I got him some Italian vermouth to try out—I hope it’s good! (3) Peach tea. I call him my “peach pit” (i’m horrible with pet/nicknames!), and he loves tea. (4) strawberry jam. My man loves PB&J, so now he has some Italian jelly to go with his next sandwich! (5) Cotton underwear. The second anniversary gift is cotton, so this lovely pair of green “denim” underwear is suits that category just fine!

While we were at the store we picked up some ingredients for dinner: Gorgonzola and Gruyere cheese, gnocchi, and a baguette. I need to post the recipe for this sauce we make, because it’s off-the-hook delicious. Seriously, it’s so good that we literally call it “Awesome Sauce.” 

But that’s besides the point. The point is that we actually had a really fantastic day. There was no fuss, no fancy schmancy trips, expensive dinner, or dressing up. It was just us and it was perfect. 


  1. Okay,I could write 14 things about how adorable that idea is, but please – WHAT IS THIS NUTELLA TO GO?!?! I need that in my life, asap.

  2. That's a really cute idea! We may have to do that this year for our anniversary since Little Missy will only be about 8 weeks old, and I have a feeling we won't be doing anything. =) I really think that the stay-at-home dates and celebrations can be far better than doing anything over the top or expensive.

  3. I think your "anniversary-gift" idea is great and you should always do it that way! I bet no one else has had that idea and it will be yours exclusively. Happy Belated Anniversary!

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