You’ve got {Snail} Mail: Postcard Swap 2012

You guys, this is my 1,000th post. One-thousand posts…that straight-up baffles me! It’s no surprise that I absolutely love blogging and really enjoy my time on here, but I’m in awe that I’ve actually had that much to say. This is in large part due to you encouraging me and making me love this hobby so very, very much. 

In honor of this milestone, I have something fun I’d like to do again: a postcard swap! My favorite part about blogging is connecting with other bloggers out there. Since we’re literally spread out around the world, I thought we could close the gap a bit by sending (and receiving) some love via mail. I did this two years ago and it was a great turnout, but there were some things I wanted to change, so hopefully it’ll run a little bit smoother this time!

Snail mail is pretty great, right? I’m not talking about getting bills, junk or even magazines—although, these days I LOVE getting mags in my mailbox; I’m talking about a real, hand-written piece of mail specifically for you. I literally stop in my tracks and read every single word—at that very moment—when I get a note in the mail. But there’s one piece of mail that really makes me smile from ear to ear. A postcard.

Postcards are typically sent from vacation spots, which makes them quite unique, because a lot of hard work usually goes into them. The sender has to not only search for the perfect postcard out of dozens of possibilities, but then they have to write a sweet little note in the tiny space provided, buy a proper (and cheaper) postcard stamp, and then find a mailbox—all while on vacation! If someone wants to work that hard while on a trip just to send me some love, I’m going to treasure it for a very long time.

So how about it? Wanna swap a postcard with someone around the world? This will only be as fun as those who participate, so help spread the word! (Grab the button below and share it on your blog!)

Here’s the deal: 
1. Fill out THIS FORM by Thursday, February 16. 
(You must, MUST fill out the form in order to be included in the swap)

2. Leave a comment letting us know where you live (state/country) so everyone can know who’s participating!

3. Keep an eye on your email! I’ll send you your swapee’s name and blog address, then it’s up to both of you to swap mailing addresses! 
4. Pick a postcard—any postcard—from where you currently live. Jot down a nice message, stick a stamp on there and… 
5. Send your postcard out into the wild blue yonder the first week of March (if you have an international (or APO) address, please get those cards out ASAP so they have a chance to get there!).

6. When you get a postcard in the mail, blog about it and then…

7. Come back here to link-up your postcard posts on Monday, March 12. The link-up post will be open for more than a month. I know postcards can sometimes take their dear sweet time getting to their destination.
This will only be as fun as those who participate, so spread the word (button below)! 
 *let me know if you run into any hiccups with the form. It’s my first time using one!


  1. I wish I could enter this! We are in the middle of a pcs and I have no idea what my address will be in the next few weeks. I love snail mail too though.

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