Caorle, Italy

After we left Aquileia we still had about half the day to spare, so we went to a somewhat-close by beach town. We drove another hour and a half and ended up in Caorle (cah-or-lay). There isn’t much about this town in the books we have, so we just “winged-it” and wandered around.

We were shocked at how many people were out and about. The weather was gorgeous (not hot, and just a tad bit chilly), so I shouldn’t have been too surprised, but it only makes me imagine how crazy it’ll be during the summer. 

The vibrant colors splashed on the buildings in Italy never
cease to amaze me, and Caorle was no different. Walking around the town
reminded me of a mix between Burano and Cinque Terre—if you’ve been
there before then you know what I’m talking about! 

The bell tower on the right (built in 1048) is 157 feet tall. It’s part of The Cathedral of St. Stephen (built in 1038) and apparently has some great pieces of art inside. I didn’t know this while we were there, so that’s something I’d definitely like to check out another time—I’m a sucker for Italian art.

Since we got there around 3 pm, we only had time to stroll the streets for a couple hours before it started getting dark, but we still had time for some some gelato, coffee, souvenir and window shopping, and a little bit of exploring. 

We walked along the pier and saw the Adriatic Sea, but didn’t get close enough to touch the water. There’s also a little church along the sea, but we unfortunately went in the opposite direction and didn’t see it.

One cool thing we saw were rock carvings along the pier. I
wish I took more photos, but it was more fun to walk hand-in-hand with
my husband instead 🙂 Apparently it’s essentially an open-air sculpture gallery that started in 1993. Again, the next time I go I want to take a lot more pictures of the carvings, especially now that I know what they’re all about.

It started getting kind of cold and we knew that we had
another hour and a half drive ahead of us, so we didn’t stick around
much longer. I don’t know if Kenny will get a chance to go back there
before he leaves, but I have a feeling I’ll go back this summer. I’ve heard the beach is great and I’d love to explore the town a little
more. Hopefully I’ll read up on my Caorle history so I can have a little more info to share about this colorful town the next time I visit!


  1. I'm totally loving reading about your adventures!! Too bad there isn't a Marine Corp base in Italy! lol… I totally want to live there after reading your blog!

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