Carnevale: Maniago, Italy, part due

I got a little ahead of myself yesterday and posted prematurely, so I’m back today with a few more photos. 

Basically, what I learned from the parade is that I don’t have a single excuse for a bad Halloween costume ever again. All I have to do is look at the photos and I’ll be able to come up with something. There were 33 floats in all and they were all completely different and perfectly planned.

This was one of my favorite floats. As soon as I saw the croc and the pirate ship I knew exactly what it was. I especially loved that Captain Hook came over and posed for a photo! 

This was another favorite…Scooby-dooby-do! 

Then there were some…um…interesting costumes and floats. Luckily they were few and in between. 

I had to throw the middle one in there, just because I was surprised that was the only frisky business I saw. Oh, and the “thing” on the right is supposed to be a flamingo!

Speaking of “interesting,” this particular young man had an entire conversation with my husband. My husband doesn’t speak Italian and this dude didn’t speak English, but yet they seemed to understand each other perfectly. All I could gather was something about me being Kenny’s wife. Then there was a thumbs up, a high-five, and then he mooned us right before he left. 

Oh! And I forgot to mention that the dogs even got
dressed up! Sorry about the blurry photo—I saw him out of the corner of
my eye. Next year (if we’re here) I’m totally dressing Bella up for

So out of the pictures I posted yesterday and today, which is your favorite float?

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  1. My neighbor and I were "talking" and I was trying to explain Tyler scuba dives. She shook her head and said, "All I know is SCOOBY DOO!" 😉 Love the guy who mooned you, PS… still laughing!

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