Ciao, Bella!

Over the weekend Bella started to frequently flap her ears against her head and would paw at her ears, which are the telltale signs that she’s getting an ear infection (it’s actually a yeast infection). She had that issue a few times back in GA, so I knew we needed to see the vet ASAP before it got worse. 

There’s a fantastic American vet (not associated with the base) about 20 minutes from us, so she and I headed there to confirm what we already knew: an ear infection. This vet is awesome, but I may be a little biased; it turns out he’s from the same ‘hood where my grandpa grew up back in New York. My family and I used to go back to NY all the time when I was younger to visit family, so hearing his accent always brings back good memories.

iPhone pic from the road trip.

Anyway, back to the pup! Bella loves car rides, but has a VERY hard time keeping her stomach under control—it doesn’t matter if it’s a short trip or a long haul, she’s probably going to throw up. We’ve tried everything to keep her from getting sick in the car, but nothing worked. Needless to say, we were kinda worried about taking her on a road trip from Georgia to Baltimore and then on the flights overseas—she would literally be a mess if we didn’t find something to help her out. 

Luckily, the vet in GA prescribed her Cerenia to help calm her stomach. We LOVED this stuff. It doesn’t make her groggy or knock her out; it just calms her stomach. She never got sick once during our two-day road trip or on the flights over here. Unfortunately, we only ran out of the medicine shortly after we arrived, so while we were at the vet today I asked about getting more. He happily obliged, saying that he also loves that particular drug for dogs, and wrote a prescription for it along with the ear infection medicine.

Here’s the part that I didn’t realize: he wrote a prescription! That means I had to go somewhere to get it. I have absolutely no idea if it’s the same in America, because we always got Bella’s medicine straight from the vet, but here you take the prescription to your local farmacia (farm-ah-chee-ah) to get it filled. That just baffles my mind! I dropped off her script a few minutes ago and I can pick up her medicine this afternoon once they reopen.

I figured some of you may be interested in that little fun fact about dogs and their medicine here in Italy…unless, of course, it’s the same in America, which would mean this whole post is kind of pointless. Actually, there’s a cute picture of Bella up there, so that must count for something!


  1. Wow that's interesting! Where we lived in the states, the vet always had whatever medicine our Bella needed in his office! Never went to a pharmacy for it!

  2. Sorry that you feel so yucky Bella 🙁 But it is cool that everyday tasks are so much more interesting because of Italy lol. I enjoyed the post! Feel better soon Bella! Oh and we've had both experiences. Either getting the drugs there or picking them up at the drugstore. I think it depends on the doc and the drug. They don't stock everything- it'd be too expensive.

  3. Lol that's so weird! Cleo has been on so many meds (mostly when she was just a week pup) and I've never once had to have a "prescription filled"…always just get it from the doctor. Ha! I don't think that happens here 😉

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