five for friday

1. We got into an argument and you started to deep clean the house.
2. The fight had absolutely nothing to do with cleaning.
3. That was a very good way to apologize 🙂 (That was your apology, right?)
4. You kissed my glasses so I could always see your kisses.
5. You’re the only one who I’d want to be stuck with on the autostrade with a broken-down car.
6. The way you react under stress and pressure is just another reason why i love you.

p.s. i love you (again)

another spontaneous one for ya since I forgot to post this yesterday:
7. you let me finish the wine tonight 🙂


  1. I think one of the most important aspects in picking the right partner is seeing how they deal with stress and pressure (and making sure you travel well together). Sounds like you have plenty to be grateful for!

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