Sunday Snapshots

Sunday nights make me sad, because it means the lovely
weekend is over and another long workweek looms upon us. Last week was
crazy. My husband worked 12’s that were really like 15-hour shifts when
all was said and done, and we were down to one car, so I was his
chauffeur. (Long story short: the car is fine, but
there were tons of factors {i.e. the military} prohibiting us from
driving that second car.)
He’s also working the same crazy shift this week, but at least he can take himself to work. (Other side note: I can’t stand not having a car and being stuck at home, which is why I drop him off and pick him up.)

waking up at 3 am every day last week, we somehow managed to have ample
energy to get us through it, but this weekend was even better.
Yesterday we visited two new towns near us and had one of the best meals
of our lives. I can’t wait to tell you about them; I promise to not
procrastinate those posts! Today we slept in then went to base and
stuffed ourselves silly with a delicious brunch. The afternoon consisted
of making salsa,
finishing up our taxes, and listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary. Now, as
I’m typing away, my husband is hashing out his schedule for his
next-to-last masters class and we’re figuring out what trips we can go
on before his stupid deployment steals him away from me. 

coming weekend we’re driving to Tuscany, so needless to say, I really
hope this week goes by quickly. I’ve been to Florence a few times
before, but this will be my husband’s first visit, so I’m excited to go
there with him!

that’s a quick update on what’s going on over here. Since I put Sunday
“Snapshots” up in the title, I should probably share some pictures with
you! If you didn’t already know this, I’m pretty addicted to Instagram,
a photo app for the iPhone. I missed out on doing this in January, but
in February I jumped on the #febphotoaday bandwagon. It’s basically
exactly what it sounds like: a photo a day in February. Using Instagram
as my medium, I took and posted a photo each day…and I absolutely
loved it! I liked getting creative with some of the pictures and was
proud of myself for following through with the project. Back in 2009 I did a photo-a-day project and I loved it, so we’ll see how long I can keep this up.

So, without more incessant babbling, here are the photos I took for the challenge in February:

Jesstagirl’s #FebPhotoADay:
Days 1-9

Days 10-18

Days 19-28

Days 28 and 29

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and last, but not least… 
I’ll share the #marchphotoaday pictures on here in April!

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