You’ve Got Snail Mail: Postcard Swap 2012 LINK UP!

Wow, that title is a handful and a half! Note to self: shorten it next year.

So did you send your postcard out? I hope by now you’ve already stuck a stamp on that sucker and it’s out for delivery! I know some of you still haven’t received yours—I’m still waiting for mine to arrive and I’m pretty sure the card I sent out is still crossing some oceans—so don’t fret! I’m going to leave this link-up open for as long as I can so everyone will have a chance to post their Postcard Swap link. 

All you have to do now is snap a picture of the postcard you received, blog about it, and come link that post up over here (below)!

I hope you all had fun with this!

Thanks for participating!


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