Snail Mail from Cambodia!

I have to be honest and let you in on a selfish scheme. Ya know the Postcard Swap I set up? Well, since I was in charge of divvying up everyone’s partners, I got to pick where I wanted my postcard to come from. Sneaky, right?

I took a look at the options (more on that in a minute) and then decided to pick the one place that’s never crossed my mind as a place I’d like to visit one day. Not because I’d never want to go there, but because I’ve just never thought about it before. I picked Kate from Marsh Mellow Goodness to be my postcard partner. She and her husband are part of the Peace Corps and are currently living in Cambodia! How crazy cool is that? 

It turns out that swapping postcards from two foreign countries takes a really an incredibly long time. Kate was fantastic enough to not send one, but two postcards my way! (I owe you another postcard, Kate!) Thank you, thank you; I love them and they’ll be up on my bulletin board until we move again 🙂

And a huge thank you to everyone who participated. As of today, 18 of you have linked-up your posts. I’m not phenomenal with math, but if 36 signed up that means only half of you have shared your postcards. It’s not too late to write your post! I’ve also been sharing photos and links to everyone’s blog on the Facebook page, so you can also check them out there! 

Here are the stats of those who (hopefully) participated:
California (3)
Georgia (2)
Hawaii (2) 
New Mexico
North Carolina (4)
Pennsylvania (3)
Germany (2)
Italy (3)

If this post inspired you to write about your own Postcard Swap experience, link it up here 🙂 Thanks for participating, everyone! I’ll probably do this again next year once we get to our new location…wherever that may be!


  1. oops, looks like my swap partner and I are both slackers! Okay, you've embarassed me into photographing and posting mine tonight!

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