(Belated) Five For Friday

I was going to use this post to share some fun things we’ve done around here lately, like the gorgeous poppy field I visited or the castle we explored that’s practically in our backyard. I was also going to brag about how cool my mom is and how much I love her. But then my husband mentioned for the hundredth time this weekend how he hasn’t read anything good lately on the Internet and that Friday’s post wasn’t quite what he was expecting. 

Okay, okay, I can take a hint. So, my lovely husband, here’s your (belated) Five for Friday.

1. You bought me lady products earlier this week when I was stuck at the house for two days (but yay for having an air conditioner now!).
2. You cleaned the dishes and did a good job 🙂 
3. We explored a castle in our neighborhood—A CASTLE!  
4. You made waffles with our new 220v waffle maker this morning!
5. We actually had a day with absolutely nothing to do and we were bored—can’t remember the last time that happened! 

p.s. i love you 


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