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iPhoneography Wall Decor

Like most of you, I love the ease and accessibility of taking pictures with my phone. But then what? You either keep adding pictures to the album on your phone until you have to painstakingly delete some to make more space, or you move them to your computer where they’ll sit, stored away forever—unless you post them on your blog or to Facebook. 

I really missed having a tangible photo to hold in my hand or display around my home—that goes for both phone and regular camera pictures. Technology is great for sharing pictures, but there’s something classic and nostalgic when it comes to seeing that photo printed. So I decided to do something about it; I’ve started printing my pictures, framing them, and getting them up on our walls. 

During the house tour I teased you with the photo on the left. I know it may sound silly, but this tiny little nook—to be fair, it’s not even a nook; it’s a just filling up a blank wall—is my favorite place in the house. It’s just so fun! 

I was looking for something to do with that area when I stumbled a photo wall. I was instantly smitten with the idea and set out to make it happen. I had all the materials—twine from my husband’s tool chest, leftover clothes pins (ideally the tiny ones would work best, but I can’t find any around here), nails, and a hammer. The only thing missing were the photos. 

Cue PostalPix, a free app for the iPhone (coming soon for Android) that lets you buy hard-copy photos straight from your device. In less than five minutes I ordered sixty 4×4 prints for under $20! Waiting for the pictures to arrive was the hardest part of this whole project, but even though they went overseas they still got here relatively fast—thanks PostalPix! 

When I do this again at our next house I’m going to make each row longer and possibly make them uneven just to add a little variety. It’s too much effort to take out our cement nails and move them around, so it’s totally fine how it is now.

So that’s what the top half looks like. As for the bottom portion, I instagramed this teaser back in November: 

I love the vintage feel the photo above has. The framed picture I used is my favorite pic from our engagement session (also on our photo guest book) and the Scrabble pieces just felt right. This is what the full bottom part looks like: 

Looking at it now I think I need to swap out or move one of the flowers. Too much?

It’s super simple, but it was fairly inexpensive (just the photos, really) to put together, and I like it and it adds a little something to the empty room. Plus, now I can see all of my favorite photos in one place. I’m about to buy more pictures and I think I’m going to randomly start placing them on the wall, jst for zest.

And here’s how the whole shebang looks: 

So what do you think? Do you still get photos printed and use them as decor? 


  1. What an adorable idea! How fun would it be to have a string for each month of #photoaday?!?

    What did you think of the quality of the prints?

  2. I love this! I did something like this with our Christmas cards, and I kinda wish I had kept the twine up for all the "congrats on your baby" cards as well. This would be fun for a kids' playroom wall.

    And yeah, I think you need to move one of the flower vases, but I can't figure out how. They're too lined-up right now.

  3. Love it! I almost never use my "real" camera now that I have an iPhone. I'm in the process of making a family year book on blurb with instagram pics and I love the idea of making magnets with stickgrams.

  4. Of course I still use "real" photos and, like you, I love putting them in albums and holding them and looking at them over and over again. Looking at pictures on a phone just doesn't cut it for me! But since you are so far away, it is a good thing for me to look at your pictures on the computer. Keep 'em coming! xxoo

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