Replacing Backgrounds in Photoshop

There is SO much you can do in Photoshop that I’m usually overwhelmed most of the time, especially because a lot of the “fun stuff” seems time consuming. I usually run the same edits on all of my photos (adjust the white balance, warm them up, and sometimes I’ll run an action on them), but honestly I don’t have that much patience to sit and edit pictures all day long, which is why my travel posts are taking me forever to publish. 

This morning I was catching up on blogs posted overnight and came across this tutorial from Pugly Pixel on how change backgrounds in photos. I’ve always wondered how to do that, but it seemed completely out of my league. It turns out it’s ridiculously easy! Her tutorials are simple, straightforward, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to do things. 

I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I went back to the home tour photos since I knew there were some pictures with a white background, and in a matter of minutes this is what I created: 

Fun, right?! Definitely check out Pugly Pixel if you’re looking for easy-to-understand Photoshop tutorials! I don’t know when I’ll ever need to change the background on a photo, but at least I know it’s actually a possibility and really, really easy.

Happy Friday Eve 🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing! I suck at photoshop. I am seriously about to ask my boss to send me to a class, but this site has some great tips in the meantime.

  2. So, I have to tell you that this little area of your house was a topic of conversation among the hubs and I this weekend. We went antiquing and found the coolest typewriter that my husband loved but had no idea how to display it in our house. I, of course, told him about what you did with your instagram wall and he was a big fan! We might have something like this in our house soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

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