Ten for Tuesday

I had the majority of these ready to go on Friday, but then we were out of town with zero Internet, so now you get TEN things about why I love you (whoever came up with that idea is pretty clever). What a lucky guy you are to have such an awesome wife 🙂

1. You took out the stinky trash. Grazie mille!
2. You cut your finger when while slicing bread and were more concerned that I would pass out than the blood oozing from you finger.
3. I suck at deciphering weather, so thanks for letting me wear your coat 🙂
4. You gave me a piece of your delicious bacon. Yum.
5. I wish we could have a do-over in London since we were both in crabby moods. 
6. We had a “case of the snuggles” on the plane.
7. You make my heart melt (along with bringing out the giggles) when you say cute things like “case of the snuggles.” Don’t worry—I won’t tell your man friends you say stuff like that.
8. You loved my British friends just as much as I like them!
9. You asked if there would be a “Ten for Tuesday” today since there wasn’t a “Five for Friday.”
10. Okay, okay. You’re the Slug Bug King.

p.s. i love you

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  1. So happy to know you guys because if I didn't I'd want to know you so bad. Mostly because you're awesome but also because of your ooey gooey dripping with sweetness love. I LOVE your love. You guys make me so happy and give me umph to make my relationship that way.

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