You Know You’re a Military Wife When…

My mom and dad called me yesterday to see if I like a hard or soft mattress. To anyone else, that question may seem strange, especially when you haven’t lived at home for three years, and you’re married, and you live in another country.

source: my new mattress 🙂

But it made perfect sense to me. I’ve had the same mattress at (my parent’s) home since high school. It’s at least a decade old, if not more. It was great when I grew up there and went to school, and it was even fine during college when I was home on the weekends and over break. Then, when I moved back home after college I managed to tolerate the bed, but  I sometimes preferred to sleep on the couch in order to avoid the springs poking me as I slept. 

That bed had seen better days. So when my parents said they bought a new mattress, it was a really big deal!

Going home without your husband isn’t something most people experience, but it’s something pretty normal in the military community, especially during deployments or long TDYs. I’m thankful I get along and actually prefer staying with my parents when I’m home without my husband. And now I’m really looking forward to that first night’s sleep at home on my new mattress! 

You know you’re a military wife when your parents
buy you a new mattress for your old bed at their house, because they
know you’ll go home during the deployment and need a comfy place to sleep.

Now it’s your turn! Finish this sentence: “You know you’re a military wife when…”


  1. When you make a great friend, and then it never fails one of you move halfway around the country or world!

    When you finally get into a routine and adjust to a new schedule, then your husband changes shifts or you move to a new time zone, and you have to start all over again!

    When you get to see your husband about 2 months out of the year. I could go on but those stand out the most to me.

  2. LOL. This is cute.

    When you get excited for the case lot sale on base.

    When having your husband home on your birthday is "strange" and a reason to "do it big" because he might not be here next year.

    When you find yourself googling random air force bases because "hey.. you never know.. we might be stationed there one day".

  3. When the longer you wait to wait to decorate the house, the more you tell yourself it is not worth it because it won't last anyway.

    When you secretly like being able to redecorate a new place every few years!!

  4. when you correct TV shows because they're "doing it wrong" (ie I was watching Army Wives and the one woman started saluting as soon as Retreat started which, ya know, you don't salute until the National Anthem)

  5. You're planning a long drive and note the nearby military bases to stay at while simultaneously racking your brain for old friend who are/were stationed there.

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