five for friday

*I usually just do a Five for Friday post on Fridays, but I wanted to remind you to take a look at the giveaway again! (You have till Monday to enter) There are some pretty wonderful responses, so if you don’t want to enter, at least check out what awesome things people are doing. A little bit of nice goes a long way 🙂 Happy Friday! 

1. you gave me an awesome bite of your pizza. You’re always unselfish and good like that.
2. speaking of, you saved some of your crust for Bella, and you were sneaky and put it in your pocket since I didn’t have my purse!
3. i started crying and pretended they weren’t tears, so you told my eyes to stop sweating.
4. you’ve been helping clean the dishes a lot lately. it’s appreciated
5. thanks for modeling your latest Amazon purchase—you’re hotter than the model on the package!

p.s. i love you

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