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Guest Post: Swedish Pizza

While I’m in New Mexico soaking up
all things “America” I didn’t want to leave this space hanging, so I
gathered some pretty top-notch bloggers to strut their stuff. Today’s
post is from Bailie! She blogs over at The Hemborg Wife and is SoCo gal married to a Swede. She packed up all her bags and moved clear across the world to Sweden in order to be with her love! As a girl who loves Italian pizza, I loved seeing what pizza pie is like in Sweden…take a look!

Sweden is known for a few food items like meatballs and smoked salmon,
but what you might not know is they have a huge pizza culture. 

menu above is from our local pizza parlor called Renato’s, it is a
small place with three men who work there and they will gladly make you
any of the 80 pizzas listed above! In Sweden it is typical to order
pizza and eat it at home so Renato’s only has seating for six but always
has a line for take-away.
The pizza’s
are divided into price category and so the more toppings means a higher
price. To compare, the #4 pizza from price group one, Al Fungi, comes with
tomato sauce, cheese, and mushrooms where as the #61 from price group four, Salami Special, comes with tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, salami, mince
meat, onion, olives and béarnaise sauce.

pizzas can be ordered in two sizes, either personal which is pictured
above or family size. My husband and I always share the personal since
as you can see it is six slices of pizza, but that it is not the norm
over here! Usually each person orders their own personal favorite and
eats the whole thing! I have seen everyone from elderly woman to ten
year olds devour one of these making me feel a bit silly that I am
stuffed after my three slices! The family size as you can now imagine is
massive and feeds a family of five easily!

is really great about pizza in Sweden is all of the crazy
combinations they have thought up for you to order. The French fries
pizza pictured above is my absolute favorite when I am beyond hungry and
veering into the I-will-kill-for-food stage, the French fries add a
whole extra element of amazing, and then you can get garlic sauce to put
on top making it divine! Some of the other crazy pizza’s you can order
from Rentato’s and similar places are:

  • #43. Monte Carlo: tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, bananas, peanuts, and curry sauce
  • #68. Azteca: tomato sauce, cheese, ham, taco seasoning, taco sauce, jalapeño, fresh garlic, and sauce of your choice
  • #52. Polisen: tomato sauce, cheese, beef filet, bananas, peanuts, béarnaise sauce
  • #58. Pizza Skane: tomato sauce, cheese, ham, onion, bacon, egg, béarnaise sauce
  • #80. Johanna Special: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, grilled
    eggplant, bell pepper, red onion, artichoke heart, fresh tomato,
    kalamata olives, ruccola 
Some of those might sound good to you, but some, like the ones featuring bananas, you may think no one could possibly order right?
Well here is one that one of our friends ordered and devoured like it was nothing more then a good old pepperoni!
last great thing about pizza in Sweden is that for each pizza your
order you receive a little cup of pizza salad. I unfortunately cannot
find a picture of it but imagine a cross between coleslaw and sauerkraut
and you will be close. I personally prefer to eat it on its own while
my husbands slices the pizza up but some people will pile it on top and
eat it like that.
So next time, or the first
time, you are in Sweden after you taste the meatballs and smoked salmon I
urge you to pick up a pizza and taste the goodness!


  1. Okay, I just may have to go to Sweden for pizza. That looks delicious! I never would have pegged Sweden as a country with delicious pizza.

  2. OMG. I need to go to Sweden for pizza. This is ridiculous. It looks AMAZING I cannot get over this? I had pizza last night so now I"m going to go reheat it for lunch 🙂

  3. It's kind of weird because we had pizza for dinner last night and my husband was asking what toppings from our kitchen I wanted on it. I was saying yes to everything and when he said "bananas" as a joke I said yes. Thankfully he didn't put them on but now I'm really curious to try pizza with bananas!!

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