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While I’m in New Mexico soaking up
all things “America” I didn’t want to leave this space hanging, so I
gathered some pretty top-notch bloggers to strut their stuff. Today’s
post is from Kira! If you’re not following Kira’s blog, Her New Leaf, then I urge you to check it out (after you read this, of course)! Not only is she extremely crafty, but she has style, wit, and the tips, tricks, (awesome) freebies, and spot-on advice she shares about blogging is extremely helpful. 

Spot something awesome that you want to share on your blog but forgot your DSLR? A smart phone can be a blogger’s best friend! I love keeping up with Jessica’s Instagram feed and her Photo A Day projects on Facebook. There are a ton of apps besides Instagram that can make your photos something special, but with the bevy of apps being released every day, it can be hard to keep up with what is new. Here are some of my favorite apps to take your photos outside the Instagram box!

VSCO Cam (.99)

This app is simple but beautiful! Created by the Visual Supply Co which develops powerful tools and software for photographers, VSCO Cam can transform your iPhone’s snapshots into beautiful, dreamy photographs. 

PicFX (1.99)

PicFX is a cute photo editing app with tons of built-in filters and frames, as well as cool extras, like light effects (bokeh, sunflare) and dirt/scratches to make your photos look antiqued. I like how you can easily layer multiple effects and you can easily share your photos to Instagram. 

Hipstamatic Disposable (free)

The idea behind this fun app is that you create a “disposable camera” and invite your friends to it. Everyone shoots photos on their own iPhones and after the 24 frames have been shot, the app shares the photos with everyone. It’s really fun to use at a party or on a weekend trip with friends! 

Pic Stitch (free for lite, .99 for full)

Pic Stitch is a basic collaging app that allows you to storyboard several images together. This app is really easy to use – you choose your frame, you pick your photos, and then you adjust the details. Buy the full version for a few extra features.


Polyframe (.99)

This cute collaging app can combine several images in a unique way. It is really customizable in that you can adjust the angles of the frames and add any image as the background. Like PicFX, you can easily share PolyFrame photos to Instagram.

LensLight (.99)

This app is definitely a one-trick pony, but if you like to add lighting effects to your photos like bokeh, sunflares, and light leaks to your photos, you will like using LensLight.

Incredibooth (.99)

Incredibooth is another app created by the developers behind Hipstamatic. Select one of four filters, then strike a pose as the app snaps away! This app produces photo booth-style photo strips that are cute and whimsical. 

Ready to go on a downloading frenzy? I have two more essential iPhoneography apps! Squareready will turn any photo into a square to prepare it to upload to Instagram, and Self Timer gives you an adjustable shutter timer to perfect your self-portraits. 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with – follow me on Instagram @hernewleaf!

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