I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts this week! I have a few more ready to go next week, so you’re in for more fun over here. New Mexico has been wonderful so far and it’s going to be REALLY hard to leave next week. I managed to find a little bit of time to put this post together, and I figured I better post it now before August flies by in the blink of an eye! 
July was a tough month for me with this project. Between the deployment, distracting myself to keep me busy in July, and other little hiccups life threw my way, I struggled with it BIG time. The photos are completely out of order (meaning they’re in order for the prompts, but I took them at all different times during the month…I even took some of them yesterday…in August), but I was determined to finish and I’m glad I did. One more month down! 

So here’s my July in a mixed-up bunch of photos:  
Photo descriptions and larger versions of each picture are on the JLW Facebook page, so head on over and “like” your favorite! 

If you’re participating in August, here
are the new prompts! I’m off to a good start so far (meaning I took a photo yesterday and I’m on the lookout for one today), so hopefully I won’t get so behind this month.

Are you participating this month?


  1. Such a cute blog 🙂

    I just found you through the hop – and I love your blog!! I, too, hate chocolate chips in cookies (but love chocolate otherwise!) and adore spicy food.

    Excited to read more and follow along via GFC!!




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